Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Tongue Bundle Album Launch – Fri. 5th of Dec.

The Bundle boys back bringing a big ballistic bouncing bitch of an album out on the 5th of December in Seomra Spraoi. BYOB, late night event featuring fat freakish french men (imported), DJ’s, performers, behaviour, music, food, wild animal taming, wild animal tanning, thumb observation workshops, food and thumb gallery and thumb comparison website donation appeal situated at a corner booth manned by a man with a head like a fucking thumb. We really hope to see you there, it’s gonna be a big one for us. Tenner in. Support from Magesquintet (France)

for more info:

and if you haven’t yet the vid on how to get to seomra spraoi…….
(except that it’s LEFT on gardiner street ya cabbage!)

Seomra Clean Up Party! – SATURDAY 6th

yes, em… a clean-up party, that’s right!

come hang out with us this Saturday, the 6th of December from 2pm through the afternoon to help clean up Seomra Spraoi!
music, scrubbing, painting, washing, sweeping – all the best craic you can think of!

if you’ve been looking for a way to get involved, here’s your chance. we reallyyy need help as the space hasn’t had a good, proper clean up for a while. it should smell a bit nicer after this…. 🙂

“Neuromantek” fundraiser for Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 28th November / 10pm–3am

DJs from Nuromantek (Twitter) radio show on Raidió na Life 106.4FM.

Raidió Neuromantek grew out of the weekly electro/electronica club that ran from January 2002 through December 2003 at various Dublin pubs, most frequently in the upstairs of the Thomas House. After the club stopped, cofounders Dee Harvey and Paul Watts started up the radio show, with Krossie and Dee’s brother Mick taking over for her shortly thereafter. Since then, we have aimed to play the stuff other shows don’t (or daren’t) play, hoping that our listeners will hear something they like in the process…

  • DJ Richie Rolfe (Neuromantek / Undercurrent)
  • DJ Paul Watts (Neuromantek / Power FM / Lazy Bird)
  • DJ Krossphader (Neuromantek)
  • Chickener (Neuromantek)
  • Krank Kutz
  • + Visuals

Cost : €5 unwaged / €10 waged (Suggested Donation)
Proceeds go to Seomra Spraoi

Practical Squatting Nights in Seomra Spraoi!

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 20th November (3rd Thursday of every Month) / 6pm–8pm

Are you interested in squatting in Dublin? Do you want to meet and network with other squatters? Are you looking for other people to squat with? Do you have questions about the law, or other practical aspects of squatting? Do you need help finding an empty building? Then you should come to Practical Squatting Nights in Seomra Spraoi this Thursday!


Over the last three or four years, a squatting community in Dublin has grown and established itself to a point where it now has several long-term “established” squats, a good network of support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the practical aspects of squatting. It recently put on the 2014 Dublin International Squatters Convergence, a four-day event which an estimated 100+ squatters from abroad attended. But up until now, there have been few avenues for people who want to get involved in squatting who don’t already have connections to the community.

To tackle this problem, many squatting communities in other cities run regular practical squatting nights for newcomers to squatting. These events offer a venue for new squatters to meet other squatters, potential squatmates and pick up advice and practical help.

Practical Squatting Nights in Seomra Spraoi hopes to address this problem by bringing practical squatting nights to the squatting community in Dublin! There will be a practical squatting night in Seomra Spraoi on the third Thursday of every month, from 6pm–8pm. The first one is this Thursday, the 20th November!

Deep House & Minimal – SAT. 25th October

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 25th October / 11pm–late

This time we gonna bring the finest Deep House and Minimal tunes to your ears. There is loads of space and a deadly outside area. And the best is you can bring whatever you want to drink 😉 So come along, bring some friends and enjoy the ride!

Suggested donation: €15 or whatever you can afford.

Invite your friends!


Facebook event page here.

Sunday, Oct. 19: Halloween Kiddie’s fundraiser for Gaza!

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 19th October / 12pm–4pm

This Sunday, October 19th, 12pm–4pm in Seomra Spraoi — come bring the kiddies for a day of fun 🙂

We want to support of an Irish couple in Gaza who are raising money and building a well for a village who’s water supply has been cut off due to the bombing during Israel’s assault. So we are holding a kiddie fundraiser Sunday the 19th in Seomra Spraoi from 12.

There will be games, story telling, face painting, arts and crafts and hopefully live music for kids — any other suggestions welcome.

There will be a couple of hours of family fun and a good excuse to meet up and bring all the kids together.

The Organisers

For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Friday, Oct. 17: Auntie Underground Cinema – ‘My Father, My Mother and Me’

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 17th October / 7pm

This Friday in Seomra Spraoi, the Auntie Underground film collective are showing ‘My Father, My Mother and Me’, a German documentary made in 2012 by Paul-Julien Robert.

Robert was born in 1979 to a young swiss woman living in Freidrichschof, a famous, and later infamous, Austrian commune that was once the largest in Europe. Like so many utopian communities founded over the past two centuries on the principle of participatory democracy, this one was the brainchild of am individual visionary. He was Otto Mühl, a former Wehrmacht soldier who in the Sixties helped found the actionist art movement in Vienna.

Mark Lilla, ‘Tyrant of the Commune’

This is a BYOB event. Seomra Spraoi is at 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1.