Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Event Worker Guidelines

So you’re working a late night event…

Seomra Spraoi has decided that the minimum number of workers for a late night event is 6, preferably there would be 7 or 8.
If the event is not organised by the collective, we ask that the organisers provide at least half the workers.

As a worker in Seomra Spraoi the following are expected of you:
• Staying sober until after the space has been cleared out, this is not open to interpretation
• Staying for the length of your shift
• Being aware of and implementing the safer spaces policy
• If you need travel expenses or food, this can be provided

The worker coordinator should hold a meeting 1 hour before the event
This involves:
• All workers getting to know each other
• Background of Seomra Spraoi
• Expectations of the night
• Setting a roster of tasks
• Delegating someone to deal with the police, if they turn up

Worker Roles
Worker Support (x1)
• Support and communicate with workers
• Make sure workers are comfortable, administrate rota
• Make tea!
Door Outside (x2)
• Keep an eye on who comes in and out
• Communicate with other workers if someone is obviously out of it
• Make sure people aren’t smoking or drinking in the lane
• Welcome people
• Close the door one hour before the event ends
• Don’t allow police to enter the building, but do be polite and non-aggressive
Door Inside (x2)
• Keep track of money
• Remember everything is by donation, no one is denied entry because they cannot afford it
• Stamp people’s hands
• Record the number of people coming in and out
Vibe Watcher (x at least 1)
• Move throughout the space
• Ensure lights are on in toilets etc.
• Checking in with people who are uncomfortable/upset/out of it
• Conflict de-escalation/containment asking for support from other workers
• Making available quiet/safe space to people who need it

Before the Event
• Make sure the fire escapes are clear (front door and cinema room doors)
• Moving the furniture
• Make sure the lights in the toilets are working and there is enough toilet paper
• If it is not a child-friendly event put the baby changing mat in the cupboard
• Empty all bins
• Make sure there are no tripping hazards out the back
• Make sure there are ashtrays and additional bins in the smoking area

During the Event
• the first aid kit is in the kitchen above the door
• Be aware of the safer spaces policy and keep an eye out for people being made uncomfortable
• Capacity of the building is 170 people

Ending the event
• Give notice to the performer 30 mins before end, then at various intervals
• The event has an end time on its events form and this should be stuck to
• If workers are not willing to remain the event should be ended, regardless of how much fun people are having
• Turn lights on
• Close upstairs
• Encourage people to leave

Clean Up
• It is good practise to clean up as much as possible throughout the night
• The event should be completely cleaned up by the end of the night
• In exceptional circumstances with excessive clean-up, the worker coordinator and event organiser should arrange for people to come in the next day and clean up
• Make sure all windows are closed
• Make sure heating is off
• Clean surfaces
• Clean toilets
• Brush and mop floors
• Clean kitchen
• General tidy up
• Gather and wash stray cups and glasses etc.
• Sort rubbish and recycling and bag any excess

• Fill out recap form
• In case there has been any incident check if incident report form has been filled out properly and if not, do so
• After a hard nights work everyone loves a debrief… It’s nice to have a chill with your co-workers & this may be a good time to discuss points on how the night went.
• Write down things that went good/bad & suggested improvements
• Points that could be raised at the Seomra Spraoi Events/Collective Meetings
• Check in with your co-workers; is anyone stressed, tired, upset? Support each other.
• In the case that some people are leaving before the debrief what time they are leaving should have been established with the worker co-ordinator and the worker co-ordinator should check in with them before they leave.

Safer Spaces Policy
• Everyone should be empowered to challenge aggressive and oppressive behaviour
• Seomra is no space for prejudice, everyone should be respected
• Seomra is no space for touching people without their consent
• If a worker feels uncomfortable challenging someone’s behaviour, they should approach the other workers and the worker co-ordinator
• If someone is making someone else uncomfortable, they should have their behaviour explained to them and if they refuse to stop their behaviour they should be asked to leave
• Any individual engaging in violent or threatening behaviour including sexual violence and harassment will automatically be excluding themselves – workers should ask them to leave for violating this policy
• Incidents are to be recorded using the incident book or recap form
• Regardless of your personal relationship or how long someone has been involved in Seomra all these things still apply
Well done! You managed to get through the night!!!