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Seomra Spraoi first training day — Sunday 21st October, 5pm

Ever thought “i’d like to help out but i’m not sure what it is i can do”?
Want to become an active participant and get more fun outta Seomra Spraoi?

well read on!

Seomra Spraoi autonomous social centre is hosting a training session open to everyone who would like to help out and get involved, in whatever way they can, with the day to day running of the social centre. The aim of these training is to skill share, and to make it accessible for people to help out in a way that is inclusive and gives confidence to all.

We aspire to have these skill shares as an ongoing thing , so as to have an ever growing pool of people working collectively.

This initial training will be for all those who are interested in working* on the ‘welcome rota’, and also working at events organised within the space

The welcoming rota role is generally for one or two hours a weeks (more or less if its suits). by developing this rota, the centre hopes to have more solid and regular opening hours through out the week, and the training will cover all the aspects of this role. its hope that there will always be two people doing this at any one time. essentially its about facilitating opening hours, welcoming and introducing new visitors to the workings and function of the social centre etc

For all those interested in working at events within the space, we will have a really comprehensive and exciting training which cover all aspects of teamwork at events within the space. we will cover positive space policy, working and communicating as a team, and other issues that arise.

This is a great opportunity to come along even if you are unsure of what you can commit to in the long term. Its about building and skill sharing and breaking down formal and informal hierarchies and changing the social and working relationships we’ve been culturally ingrained with.

* its for this reason that we have deliberately chosen the term work as opposed to volunteer, because we see this as positive productive activity both for ourselves as worker but also collectively as a project…

Hope to see ya there, oh and don’t forget the people’s kitchen is on from 2pm!

Film and Info Night on the G8 2001 Trials on Wednesday

Genoa, July 2001. Hundreds of thousands gather to protest against the G8 Summit. More than six years later, 25 demostrators are still on trial for the events of those days: charged with destruction and looting, they risk 8 to 15 years imprisonment. Another 13 protesters are in the dock in the south of Italy, with the accuse of having attempted to “subvert the world economic order” at the time of the 2001 G8. In the meantime, the Italian State is judging itself for the tortures in the Bolzaneto barracks and the unjustifed assault on 93 people at the Diaz school — while in Strasbourg the European Court for Human Rights has admitted the case of the Giuliani family against the Italian State in relation to the murder of Carlo Giuliani…

wed. 17th october from 8 pm
seomra spraoi presents

genoa is not over

film + info night
on the 2001 G8 Trials

Comics Expo
‘Our History in the Dock’ (2003) & ‘It Is Not Over’ (2006)
Short graphics novels created by italian illustrator Zerocalcare
for the Supporto Legale network. Brand new English version.
Snippets from Berlusconi’s Mouse Trap
[Ireland, 2002]. By Indymedia Ireland/Eamon Crudden.
8.30 pm Film Screening
‘OP. Genova 2001. Public Order during the G8’
[Italy, 2007]. 42 min. English version.
Produced by the Secretariat of the Genoa Legal Forum.

OP is a detailed examination of the events of the 20th of July 2001, when marches and rallies around the red zone were heavily attacked by the police. Through maps, recordings of police radio communications and other evidence gathered in the course of the trial against 25 demostrators, the film exposes the way the police forces turned the streets of Genoa into a war zone. Who was the real threat to Public Order at the 2001 G8?

*plus infos and snacks for all*

…memory is a collective mechanism…

to read about the G8 2001 trials: (English section)

OP trailer available at: (Italian only)

Seomra Spraoi
4 Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 1

Suggested Donation: Waged €2.50/Unwaged €2.00

Related Link:

Premiere of new documentary about Seomra Spraoi – Wednesday

Wednesday, October 10th, 8pm at Seomra Spraoi

Premiere of new documentary about Seomra Spraoi, produced by Revolt Video

Durations 15 minutes.

All footage was shoot over the launch weekend, music by unsigned Dublin based bands and still images by photographer William Hederman.

Thanks for people tolerating intrusive cameras over the weekend. Drop down, watch the documentary, any suggestions for changes more than welcome.

This is followed by the film Dancer in the Dark.

Dancer in the Dark is an award-winning musical film drama released in 2000. It was directed by Lars von Trier and stars Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Vladica Kostic, Cara Seymour and Peter Stormare. The soundtrack for the film, released as the album Selmasongs, was created entirely by Björk.

Eyewitness account from Oaxaca – Sunday 7th October

Meet activists who have helped to build one of the most hopeful experiments in self management and people’s power in recent years.

This Sunday, October 7th — starts at 5pm following the people’s kitchen @ 2pm.

Showing several short videos, with discussions from indymedia, and local Oaxaca community radio activists from across a wide range of topic including police repression, community organisng,creating media to carry the voices of struggles and making real links, local stuggles both in the global north and south against global capitalism and neo liberal oppression.

For over a year Oaxaca in the south of Mexico has witnessed the massive growth of strong and vibrant social movements. Unsurprisingly, the state has responded to people power with violence and repression. The broad based social movements, which include unions and community groups, have developed new forms of popular media. Activists involved in the social movements and in alternative radio and Indymedia will be speaking in Dublin this Sunday (7/10/07) in Seomra Spraoi at 5 pm. Seomra Spraoi is self-managed social centre in the heart of Dublin(Mary’s Abbey just off Capel street just follow the Luas line in the direction away from town). All are welcome. More details on the talk will be available tomorrow.

La lucha sigue !

LAUNCH WEEKEND Sep 21st – 23rd

This weekend come and see our lovely new space!!! The space is open all weekend for people to drop in and drink tea and look around any time from 12 midday onwards.

This weekend’s events

Friday 21st
  • 7pm, Trad night — traditional music session, bring your instrument or just come to listen.
Saturday 22nd
  • 3pm (registration 2pm) — Car-free scavanger hunt, hunt by bike, on foot, skate board, roller skate, jog, whatever. Teams of 2/3/4
  • 7pm Contemporary Storytelling — You are invited to find out what Irish storytelling is, was and what it might be.
  • 10pm Live Music — Known (Uk), Eva Urban, Heathers, Mike Igeo Poet, Dropping Bombs
Sunday 23rd
  • 2pm — People’s Kitchen (vegan food)
  • 3pm — Kids activites, all ages, table tennis, toys, stencils, drawing…
  • 4pm — Brief talk/slideshow about Seomra Spraoi past, present and future, plus discussion
  • 5.30pm — “3 minutes of Infamy” — meet the the groups that use the space as they explain in three short minutes each who they are and what they do. With slideshow. (groups include Shell to Sea, RAG, cuppocrafts, to name but a few)
  • 7pm — Cabaret!!! (cover charge on the door)
  • 8pm (in a different room) — film screening (time subject to change)

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre. We are a collective of different people with different backgrounds and interests working together in co-operation with a common purpose, to create a non-comercial space with an atmosphere of tolerence and respect, and a sense of community.

The centre is run on libertarian principles and participatory democracy, it is independant of any political party, business etc. and everyone involved has an equal voice in deciding how it is run.

We’ve been at 4 Mary’s Abbey, just off Capel St (on the luas line) for 2 months now and although we’ve had lots going on, we haven’t really taken the time to stop and celebrate and show it off!

For more information about seomra spraoi please check out our blog at

Last of the Summer Wine Party – Saturday 25th August

Seomra Spraoi
25th of August 2007

It All Kicks Off at 8:30:

Live Acoustic Music (five acts take the stage!)

followed by:

DJ Deko Deadly Tunez (Swords Massive/ bleedin’ rapah sounds)
Fists in the Air Power DJ’s (90’s rave meets 80’s metal)

Door Tax: €7 waged / €5 unwaged,

with all proceeds towards Seomra Spraoi
(a rent-raising / roof-raising benefit event!)

at Seomra Spraoi, 4 Mary’s Abbey, off Capel Street (on LUAS line and opp. Rhodes Restaurant)

Tell your friends!

Story telling on Friday 8.30pm

Storytelling evening with the Oh-Aissieux

You are invited to forget what Irish storytelling was, and find out what it might be.

Friday 17 August.

Show starts 9 pm. Doors 8.30 pm.

Soft drinks and biscuits will be served in the break.

Suggested donation: €2.

Proceeds to the Seomra Spraoi.

You are invited to forget what Irish storytelling was, and find out what it might be.

The Seomra Spraoi is delighted to host an evening of storytelling with a performer who has already done a lot to promote his art as an innovative form of entertainment for savvy young urbanites.

Coilín Oh-Aissieux is the founder and a co-organiser of the Narrative Arts Club, which has brought innovative storytelling to young adults in Dublin since November 2005.

Here’s how one visitor to the Narrative Arts Club in the Central Hotel in May described the experience:

This is something modern, perplexing and thoroughly engaging, which knows no boundaries and succumbs to few taboos.

Coilin performs from a very diverse repertoire, ranging from accounts of his own misadventures with mushroom soup to shamanic tales from Greenland, the Arabian Nights and the Tibetan saga, Gesar of Ling. He also performs the old Irish saga, Mael Dun’s Voyage, though he wouldn’t like his work with Irish motifs to overshadow his international repertoiire.

“There’s no point being nationalistic about it,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, the Greenlandic shaman stories are just as much my heritage as any Celtic saga.”

Coilin is looking forward to performing for members and friends of the Seomra Spraoi. At a recent meeting of the collective, he told us how he wants to reclaim some of the territory that has been captured by corporate media such as the cinema, and to establish storytelling as a form of entertainment that is just as relevant as movies like Trainspotting and Fight Club. If the response is good, he is prepared to make it a series of evenings for us in the Seomra Spraoi.

So come on over, and invite your friends. Let’s see a good crowd for this first new event, so he knows we want him to come again. Phone your friends and invite them in person!

Be entertained.
Be perplexed.
Be moved.
Or bemused.
But be there!

Background detail: Narrative Arts Club to be founded in Dublin

Beginning at the end: Dublin’s Narrative Arts Club