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Moore Street Development – Public Meeting Thursday 6.30pm

Public meeting — Save Moore Street Thursday 6.30pm
Seomra Spraoi

There is a meeting being held for anybody interested in working against this development, both publicising the proposals and hopefully submitting a planning objection. Lots of ideas and people needed

Dublin’s much loved Moore St. market, one of the most organically diverse, culturally & historically layered streets remaining in Dublin city centre is under serious threat of extinction from a €500 million multi-storey commercial development. Plans are soon due to be fully unveiled to the public.

The developer behind the Dundrum shopping centre has in the past few years bought most of the property in an area encompassing Henry Street to Parnell Street in the north/south direction and O’Connell Street to Moore Street in the east/west direction. Most of the buildings are to be demolished to make way for a glorified shopping centre to include two canopied multi-storey shopping streets.

These plans are due to be submitted for planning application with the full support of Dublin City Council in what will no doubt be sold to the public as a ‘visionary’ and ‘revitalising’ project for the north inner city.

Plans of this development will soon be made available to the public who have the power to object and make a stand with the traders.

Further details see:

Burma – film and information evening on Wednesday

Film screening and discussion, Wednesday November 21st 2007

A special information evening and discussion is taking place on Wednesday 21st of November at 7.30pm in Seomra Spraoi on recent and past events in Burma. The event is organised jointly by Voluntary Service International and Burma Action Ireland and will highlight the need to maintain focus on Burma and current events there.
€3 entrance will be collected at the door and divided between Seomra Spraoi, VSI and Burma Action Ireland.

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More details:

Gluaiseacht Skillshare Weekend — Nov 16th to 18th

You are invited to a weekend of workshops, talks and films to be held in Seomra Spraoi in Dublin from 16th–18th November.

The purpose of the weekend is to get people interested in activism from various backgrounds and groups to meet up, get to know each other and learn from the experience of the current Gluaiseacht activists and others. We hope to create enthusiasm for the various campaigns and some formal and informal networks which would kick-start some serious activism through Gluaiseacht and each other.

Seomra Spraoi
4 Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 1

Directions: coming from Capel St Bridge, walk up Capel St, turn left at the Boar’s Head of, large grey-blue building on your right, old Music Maker building. It is across the road from and Rhodes restaurant.
It is on the Luas track.

How Much?
Free of charge and food will be provided. If you are coming from outside Dublin and are in need of a place to stay please let us know and we will try to hook you up with a couch or a floor.

Please let us know if you are coming anyway so we can provide food for all.

Contact Us

Ph 0851590728

Admission is free and food will be provided (vegan/vegetarian). There will also be a social on saturday evening. Please confirm you are coming so we make sure we can provide food for all.

Phone Fergal on 0851590728 or e-mail

Workshop List
  • Climate Change — Oisin Coughlan (Friends of the Earth)
  • Media work — Mark Malone (WSM, Grassroots Network, Seomra Spraoi, Gluaiseacht), William Hederman (Ex Irish Times photo journalist and current media lecturer DCU)
  • NVDA Legal advice — Owen Rice, Sean Ryan
  • Zero-carbon living — Andy Wilson (Sustainability Magazine)
  • Biodiversity — Anja Murray (An Taisce)
  • Shell to Sea — Aron Baker (Rossport Solidarity camp resident engineer)
  • Pie- and jam- making! — Mags Liddy (Gluaiseacht, Political author, Peace activist and Chef Extraordinaire)
  • Permaculture/natural building — Grainne McHugh (Gluaiseacht, Shell to Sea)
  • Irish Anti War — Conor Cregan (Gluaiseacht, Shannon Peace Activist)
  • Boycott Coke — Daniel Finn (Winner of the Daniel Singer Prise for Journalism, ISN, UCD student union Delegate to Colombia)
  • Student Action on Climate Change — Dave Curran (Current Environmental Officer
    of USI and Twice Deputy President of UCDSU)
  • Sustainable living — [growing your own food, making wine, herbal medicine etc] Tracy Ryan (Bitchin Kitchin, Rossport Solidarity Camp, Gluaiseacht)
  • Justice for Terrence Wheelock — Larry Wheelock

for more Information about gluaiseacht see or

Screening this Wednesday, November 14th — Fast Food Nation

Feature: Fast Food Nation

Venue: Seomra Spraoi

4, Mary’s Abbey D1

Suggested Donation: Waged €2.50/Unwaged €2.00

Directions: Coming from Capel St bridge, turn left at the Boar’s Head off Capel Street, large grey-blue building (blue door) on your right, old Melody Maker building. It is across the road from the “Capel Building” and Rhodes restaurant. It is on the Luas track.

time: 7.30pm

If you want to screen a feature/short/documentary/music video…


Launch Party for The Rag no.2 — Saturday Nov 10th

RAG Issue 2 Launch Party

Seomra Spraoi
Sat 10th Nov 6.30pm–late
mag, food, music, us!

What’s all this then?
The RAG is a magazine produced by a group of anarcha-feminists in Dublin. To celebrate the publication of our second issue, we’re throwing a party for YOU!
Cool. So when is it?
Saturday, 10th November, 6.30pm til late.
Seomra Spraoi, 4 Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 1. That’s a blue door, on the luas tracks, just off Capel st.
What about me fella/ me dog/ me sprog?
All ages and all genders welcome! We’ll even entertain the kiddies for you — up until 9 when the bands start. Not sure about your dog though… is it on a string?
Yeah, nevermind that, did you say music?
Oh yes — fun fun fun. There’ll be a plate of yummy food for your belly, a shiny new RAG magazine for your mitts, sofas to curl up and read on, RAGsters for you to chat anarcha-feminism to and kick-ass music to dance the night away. All for a measly 6 euros (or 4 if you need).
Sounds great! I’m there!
Well… Hurrah! See you there!

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Route Irish — film screening Wednesday November 7th

‘Route Irish’, a feature length verité/essay film on the campaign(s) against Irish facilitation of the US/UK Invasion of Iraq will be screened for the first time publicly on Wedensday 7th November in Seomra Spraoi.

The event will begin at 8pm.

Ciaron O’Reilly of the Pitstop Ploghshares will launch the film.

All are invited.

Pay what you can afford to the Seomra Spraoi project.

The screening will be followed by a discussion. The editor of the film, which was shot over a period of four years by a loose network of Irish video activists, will be there to shout at when it’s over should you so choose.

Warning. This is not a happy clappy celebration film. It is a subjective essay on the events around Shannon Airport between 2002 and 2006.

After this initial screening the film will be distributed hopefully with the help of some of the audience through torrent networks and also through (the evil but efficient) google video.

A ‘raw materials’ package will be made available at cost for the use of any individuals or groups who wish to use the archive on which it relies to tell a different / their own version of the story. For details — attend the screening or contact the editor at

Thanks in advance to seomra spraoi and revolt video for facilitating this screening.

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Sunday 4th November — 5pm Break the World Bank and 7pm Reproductive Rights in Ireland

Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Past, present and future

A discussion meeting on reproductive rights in Ireland.

A discussion meeting introduced by Mary Muldowney, pro-choice campaigner, entitled:
Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Past, Present and Future
will be hosted by Choice Ireland on Sunday 4th November at 7pm.

The venue is Seomra Spraoi, Marys Abbey (continuation of Abbey Street, off Capel Street), Dublin 1 opposite Rhodes restaraunt.

Break the World Bank — Film and Discussion

Sunday 4th November — 5pm, Seomra Spraoi

In advance of the upcoming World Bank meeting in Dublin on 12th November there will be an info evening with discussion and a few short movies looking at the role of the World Bank in the spread of destructive global capitalism and how this impacts on communities around the world.

Through its conditions for loans the World Bank has forced privatisation of many essential services. This movie looks at water privatisation in Bolivia and how communities have been affected by harsh World Bank policies.

The World Bank has been very comfortable handing out loans to right wing dictators and brutal regimes who used the money to oppress the people of their countries. Though the tyrannic regimes may have fallen many are still living with their legacy by being forced to repay these loans to the World Bank. ‘Dictators Debt’ examines the effects of these illegitimate debts on majority world countries, focusing on South Africa and the Philippines.

The World Bank is coming to Dublin on Monday November 12th November — delegates will stay at the Grand Hotel Malahide. This is also where they will meet and discuss new strategies for the privatisation of “development”.

They claim to be working for a world free of poverty yet…

  • The World Bank keeps millions in poverty through crippling debt structures, unfair trade rules, enforced privatisation and public service cutbacks.
  • The World Bank funds environmentally devastating projects.
  • The same neo-liberal ideology that fuels the World Bank – profit for the few over the lives of the many – is destroying communities here in Ireland.

We* think this is a perfect opportunity to have a bit of a party. So we’ve gathered up some buckets and spades, our favourite tunes we’re making some salad sandwiches and we’ve invited all our friends. So join us out in Malahide on Monday 12th of November. All ages welcome!

*A network of social justice, anarchist, anti-capitalist and environmental activists who operate under the principles of Grassroots Dissent