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IPSC meeting

Weekly meeting of the Dublin branch of the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

Thursday February 12, 2009, 8:00pm–9:30pm

The IPSC campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, through raising public awareness about the human rights abuses in the occupied territories, the violations of international law and the historical causes of the injustices to the Palestinians that lie at the heart of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The IPSC lobbies the Irish government and the EU, campaigns on the streets and urges for a vigorous Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign similar to the one that played a part in ending Apartheid in South Africa. The IPSC also holds public talks with Israeli and Palestinian speakers and various cultural and fundraising events.

For more info, see

Radical (Trans) Genders Workshop

Radical (Trans) Genders is Queer Spraoi’s second ever event! It is a workshop to educate about the history of gender, the transgender experience, and how gender enables and binds us in everyday lives. Learn, share, have fun!

The workshop is on February 11th, 7pm, @ Seomra Spraoi (10 Belvidere Court, off Mountjoy Square).

About Queer Spraoi: Queer Spraoi is a project to engage queerness in Dublin on a new level. We organise events, such as gigs, film nights and workshops around the social centre Seomra Spraoi.

In an era where we’re led to believe that queerness is a commercialised ‘lifestyle choice’ to be bought and sold, we want to establish a radical community that celebrates our diversity, our differences and brings us together. To have fun, learn from each other, and have hot makeouts behind our grandparents’ tool sheds while wearing multicoloured Tutus and acting improperly towards the family silverware.

Queer Spraoi Cinema & Dancing night 24th Jan Seomra Spraoi‏‏

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 24th January / 8pm–late

Ladies & genderfuckers, deviant bois & grrrls, queers, queens, trannies, grannies genderqueers, dykes, fags, faeries, femmes, crossdressers, crips, crutches, butterflies, Butches, bears, sissies, pansies, dandies, tom bois, poly chufters … insert yourself here: ______________ (you know who you are!) & our friends…

You are cordially invited to the launch of QUEER SPRAOI, Queer events in Seomra Spraoi…

Cinema: Stonewall 8pm SHARP
Inspired by the memoir of the same title, Stonewall is a fictionalized account of the weeks leading up to the Stonewall riots, a seminal event in the modern American gay rights movement. The film is a work of fiction but it includes documentary-style interview footage with several people who were at the Stonewall Inn during the uprising…
DJs & Dancing from 10pm till late
Doors close 12am

Bring Fairy & Queen cakes & nice things to share


Popcorn & icecream provided.

€5 suggested donation

A Rainbow is not enough! So fly obver the Rainbow with QS.
A Rainbow is not enough! So fly obver the Rainbow with QS.

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre in Dublin city centre. It is run by a non-hierarchical collective on a not-for-profit basis. It’s located at 10 Belvedere Court, Parallel to the north side of Mountjoy Square.

For more info or a map see our contact/location page.

Ungdomshuset film screening in Seomra Spraoi December 20th

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 20th December / 2pm

Seomra Spraoi Cinema presents “69”, a new film about Ungdomshuset, the Danish Social Centre, featuring the period leading up to the 2007 eviction, the debates about the use of violence to defend the house, and the importance of such a space.

Showing at 3pm. Lunch served from 2pm

Suggested donation €3. More if you can afford it, less if you can’t.
Where: Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, off Upper Gardiner St

Map/directions are on our website at

Ungdomshuset (literally “the Youth House”) was the popular name of the building formally named Folkets Hus (“House of the People”) located on Jagtvej 69 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, which functioned as an underground scene venue for music and rendezvous point for varying anarchist and leftist groups from 1982 until 2007. On 1 March 2007 Ungdomshuset was cleared of its occupants by the police at about 7:00 in the morning, sparking days of intense rioting and giving birth to a widespread social movement that fought for a new space for alternative culture.

“69”, directed and shot by first-time filmmaker Nikolaj Viborg, looks at the dramatic events leading up to the authorities clearing Ungdomshuset on 1 March 2007 and the conflict that ensued. The film recently won the prestigious talent New Nordic Voices award at Nordisk Panorama 2008.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the film with volunteers from Ungdomshuset.


Galician Day at Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 14th December / 4pm

Traditional food, screening, talk and ‘Queimada’

Afternoon of Galician culture in Dublin 1 this Sunday

This Sunday in Seomra Spraoi we’re having a afternoon of Galician culture, with a traditional meal followed by the ritual of ‘Queimada’, the fire drink of Galicia, videos and a talk on Galician history.

Things start at 4pm.

Seomra Spraoi is situated at 10 Belvedere Court, 10 minutes walk from O’Connell bridge. Walk north along Gardiner Street, past Mountjoy Square and it’s the next turn right.

Map/directions are on our website at

Seomra Spraoi benefit gig

GZ present a Christmas Benefit for Seomra Spraoi, featuring:

The Lower Deck, Portobello
Thursday 18 December
Doors 8.30pm, Starts 9pm sharp
Adm €6 before 9pm / €7 after

Seomra Spraoi Info

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre in Dublin city centre. It is run by a non-hierarchical collective on a not-for-profit basis. It hosts workshops, political meetings, film screenings and lots more. The centre seeks to be a hub of positive resistance, in a city and society where public spaces have been eaten away by consumerism, property speculation and the culture of the car.

After losing the Mary’s Abbey premises in December 2007, Seomra Spraoi are finally back with a new location on Belvedere Court, Dublin 1, just north of Mountjoy Square. The new Seomra Spraoi wants to be an active hub of positive action. As billions of our taxes are spent covering the bets of banks, it’s the elderly, students, those on welfare and ordinary workers that now have to bear the brunt of recession. There never has been a time in recent years where the naked ugliness of capital has been so obviously on display. You know that’s shit, but now’s your chance to do something about about it.. We want it to be a space where all can develop some of the skills and tools needed to dismantle capitalism, a space and project to help take back control of our own lives, shape our own fates and that of the city we live in. We want to turn this (for now) empty building into a hub of Do It Yourself activity.

Seomra Spraoi work day

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 20th November / 12pm–6pm
Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 23rd November / 12pm–6pm

There’s still lots more work to be done in Seomra Spraoi, so we’re calling two more work days this week, on Thursday 20th and Sunday 23rd, from midday to 6pm. Again there’ll be lots of tasks for the experienced and inexperienced alike, but we’d like to put a special call out for people with skills (carpentry, gutters/drains, electrics, etc) and tools to come down, as there’s a couple of larger projects that will require a few people with specialised knowledge.

Talk on the Immigration Bill at Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 2nd December / 7pm

On Tuseday the 2nd of December, David Landy will give a talk at Seomra Spraoi on the new Immigration Residency and protection Bill. The IRP bill will bring some key changes to the ‘management’ of migration, including a number of draconian elements with some very important political implications. David will talk about some of these elements but also talk about the problems with NGO sectors opposition to the Bill.

Seomra Spraoi work day

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 18th November / 12pm

We’re having a work day in Seomra Spraoi this Tuesday, the 18th. There’s plenty to be done with the new building before regular and open events can start taking place, so come and lend a hand.

If you possess any skills or tools, please bring them, but if not, there’ll still be lots of jobs to do. We’ll be there from midday. The address is 10 Belvedere Court, just north of Mountjoy Square. Map here:

If you have better things to be doing of a weekday afternoon, we’re hoping to have another work day next weekend, so keep your ears pealed if you’re interested.

Seomra Spraoi Fundraising Quiz

It’s the return of the
All singing all dancing Seomra Spraoi fundraiser quiz…
Lower Deck Friday 24th Oct 8pm

Your Glamorous Hosts
We Smell Like Men & Chou Chou Cixous
  • Amazing Prizes
  • Music Round
  • Dance off
  • Raffle
  • Stimulating Questions

It’s gonna be the best night of your life…

Music For Afters
  • Electronic Resistance DJ (Disco)
  • 6 Foot Apprentice (Kaboogie break core live set)

Suggested donation €5 per person
(come with a team or come & join one)