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Learn How to Squat

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 13th April / 12pm–12am

Fuck Paying for Housing

A day of workshops, discussion, films, food, raffle and fun to raise funds for and awareness of squatting in Dublin.

Suggested Donation of €7 for workshops and food.

  • 12pm–12:40pm — Treats and Welcoming
  • 1pm–2pm — Research
  • 2pm–3pm — Gaining Entry
  • 3pm–3:30pm — Lunch
  • 3:30pm–4:30pm — Lock Changing
  • 4:30pm–5:30pm — Electricity
  • 5:30pm–6:30pm — Legal/Polics
  • 6:30pm–7:15pm — Dinner
  • 7:15pm–8:30pm — Films
  • 8:30pm–10pm — Discussion
  • 10pm–10:30pm — Raffle Draw
  • 10:30pm–12am — Fun
  • Squatter’s Rights (short animation)
  • 69 (documentary about the Ungdomshuset squat in Copenhagen)
Open discussion about squatting
Raffle Prizes
  • Skipped Food Hamper
  • Crowbar
  • Soviet Earrings
  • Grand Mystery Prize
  • Music
  • Games

Workshops for activists in facilitation, consensus decision making, non-hierarchical power structures

Seomra Spraoi / 15th–17th October


Friday 15th: Consensus Decision Making: One-Day Workshop
Help your group become more inclusive, make consensual decisions and implement them, and have more fun. This course could be for you.

  • 9:30am — Registration
  • 10am — Workshop starts
  • 11:15am–11:30am — tea break
  • 1pm–2pm — lunch
  • 2pm–3:30pm — tea break
  • 3:45pm–5.30pm — workshop
  • 6pm — dinner
  • 7pm–8pm (ish) Workshop
Saturday 16th
Building Strong Groups: Half-Day Workshop
Co-operative group work helps us deal with our problems, become sustainable and grow, gives us space for creativity, and is inspiring and ful…filling. Create strong and resilient community and campaign groups.
Facilitating Meetings
Strong and clear facilitation can help your group work together effectively, get more done and have more fun!
  • 9:30am — Registration
  • 10:00am — Workshop starts
  • 11:15am–11:30am — tea break
  • 1pm–2pm — lunch
  • 2pm–5:30pm — workshop!
  • 6pm — Dinner
  • 7pm — Introduction to Housing Co-operatives workshop
  • 8pm — Mystery Screening — film tba
Sunday 17th & Monday 18th: How to Run a Great Workshop: One/Two-Day Workshop
This could be for you, if you have skills or information you want to share, and/or you want to support people to learn from each other or share experiences.

Sunday 17th
  • 9:30am — Registration
  • 10am — Workshop starts
  • 11:15am–11:30am — tea break
  • 1pm–2pm — lunch
  • 2pm–3:30pm — tea break
  • 3:45pm–5:30pm — workshop
Monday 18th
  • 9:30am — Registration
  • 10am — Workshop starts
  • 11:15am–11:30am — tea
  • 1pm–2pm — lunch
  • 2pm–3:30pm — tea break

How to participate in the Event

We ask that you register for this event by returning our flyer, stamped to the address printed on it or copy and paste the form at bottom of article and emailing it to There is a max limit on all workshops.

Workshops are by Donation, suggested at €5 for a half day and €10 for a full day. Beverages and vegan lunch available by donation too.

Seeds for Change Network works with grassroots groups involved in Environmental and Social Justice issues to help them organise for action and positive social change. One way we do this is by providing free workshops and training covering all aspects of campaigning work. When developing a workshop or training session we work closely with the group involved to find out in which way we can best provide support.

An important area is that of working in groups and community building. We offer workshops on group organisation, decision-making and group dynamics. Conflicts between members, frustration at the lack of success, dwindling numbers, the question of where to go from here are problems every group experiences at some stage. Facilitation and support from outside can often help groups to overcome obstacles. Someone from outside can see things in a fresh way, help to facilitate group decisions and empower the group to get a project going again.

How to Register to Particicpate

Hi all potential attendees!

If you would like to attend the training you need to register for the event. There are limited places available, particularly the ‘How To Run A Great Workshop’. This workshop is tailored for people who have a specific idea/intention for a workshop in mind. If you need any more info don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can register via email, just copy paste the form below, fill out the info and send it back to us at


Take Back Power Screening and Talk

Seomra Spraoi / Wednesday 21st July / 8pm–9pm

Looking back and Forward on Irish Climate Camp

A screening of a short documentary about Climate Camp Ireland 2009 and a collection of other shorts from previous Climate Camps in other countries accompanied by a brief talk about what Irish Climate is and where/what it will be this year. There will also be a chance to ask questions of some of the people involved. The main film is 20 minutes along and the others are between five and twelve minutes.

Climate Camp Ireland camp together in late 2008 with the aim of building an environmental and social justice movement, providing a space for free education and workshops on sustainability, climate change and lots more, taking direct action against environmental destruction and social injustice and to demonstrate a model of sustainable living. A year and a half on and we achieved and will continue to achieve all of our aims! Come along to screening to find out more…

Palestine Day at Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Monday 19th April / 12pm–12am

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) is holding a day of workshops, skill sharing and social events for people who are interested in learning more about Palestine and geting involved in active campaign work here in Ireland. There will be a range of discussions and workshops covering both practical and theoretical issues as well as film screenings, a Palestinian food and a social evening.

Palestine Day aims to provide a space for building on and sustaining the processes that lead to establishing a well informed grassroots mass movement here in Ireland.

This event is part of a series of IPSC events to commemorate the Nakba – the ethnic cleansing of Palestine which led to the establishment of the exclusivist state of Israel. In 1948 over 700,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes, civilians were massacred & hundreds of Palestinian villages deliberately destroyed, this expulsion continues today. We can’t stop yesterday’s atrocities; we must prevent today’s.

Programme for the day

Banner Making Workshop 12pm
Learn how to make a durable, effective banner without all the hassle. Materials will be provided. Hosted by Bas O’Currain.
Forming a Student Solidarity Society 1.30pm
This session will deal with practical steps and ideas on how to go about organising a student society branch of the IPSC in your university. We’ll discuss some of the issues, outline the resources we could provide and how best to make your campus based work effective.
Discussion Sessions: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) 3pm
The theoretical reasoning behind the BDS campaign and the necessity for such a campaign will be discussed by IPSC Chairperson Dr. David Landy while practical ideas for boycott actions and campaigns will be discussed by prominent Dutch activist Christine DeVos.
The Left in Palestine 4.30pm
A brief history of the Leftist parties in Palestine will be given by Kevin Squires and Freda Hughes of the IPSC who will go on to discuss the current fractious nature of the Left and the new generation of collectivists emerging within Anti-Zionist activism.
Film screening: The Land Speaks Arabic (Maryse Gargour) 6pm
The Land Speaks Arabic documents the founding of the Zionist movement and the expulsion of Palestinians in the early part of the 20th century. In this documentary the late 19th century birth of Zionism — and its repercussions for Palestinians — is detailed with original source documents, Zionist leaders’ quotations, rare archival footage, testimonies of witnesses and interviews with historians. All help to illustrate that the expulsion of the indigenous Arab population from Palestine was far from an accidental result of the 1948 war. This award-winning film shines a spotlight on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Zionist movement.
Social Evening 8pm
On the night there will be Palestinian food, Palestinian and Arabic music (from folk to electronica to hip hop) and craic galore. This is a bring your own booze event, and the cost of entry is just a suggested donation of €5. This may or may not include a free bottle of Palestinian Taybeh beer while stocks last.
Palestinian Food
Falafel plate, Tabouleh, Tzatsiki, Harissa, Humus and Chips will be provided by the Seomra Kitchen Collective for a donation of €5.

This event is organised by The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) as part of Nakba Week (May 8th–15th) and will be held in Seomra Spraoi.

This event will operate on a donation basis and is open to all.

Recommended donation:
Daytime session (workshops/discussion groups/screening) — €5
Social evening — €5
Food will be provided by the Seomra Kitchen Collective who also operate on a donation basis.

For more information on Nakba Week see

RAG Open meeting: Women’s Groups in Israel/Palestine

Seomra Spraoi / Monday 12th April / 7:30pm

The next RAG open meeting will take place on Monday, 12th April, 2010 at 7:30pm.

An Israeli activist will share from her experiences of speaking out and standing against strong racism, militarism, oppression, and all odds, in struggling to end the occupation of Palestine. She will present a few projects that she had been involved in, including a screening or two, and will share lessons learnt about sustaining the activity and ourselves.

All (genders) welcome.

Social Solidarity Network meeting in Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 19th November / 8pm

Social Solidarity Network will meet on Thursday 19th October at 8pm in Seomra Spraoi to discuss responses to the financial crisis, and the governments handling of it. All are welcome.

We had our first meeting on the 3rd of October in the Seomra Spraoi social centre. It was a positive day that saw around 40 people coming together. It involved the sharing of experiences, much discussion about the crisis and potential ways of resisting its effects, film screenings, dinner and an evening social event.

This was followed by a second meeting on the 19th of October, which focussed on continuing previous discussion and furthering the growth and potential of the network. Much attention was given to building for the ICTU national demonstration on November 6th, as it was seen as an important way to show the government that Irish people won’t just lie down and accept cuts to vital social services and as an indication of the mood for a fight back.

With this in mind, the SSN leafleted the march in Dublin and held another meeting in its aftermath to plan future actions. This network is still in its early stages and its success will depend on getting large numbers of people involved. If you are interested in knowing more about the SSN and/or getting involved, please contact

Meeting on Thursday 19 November is in Seomra Spraoi Belvedere Court, off Upper Gardiner Street.

Social Solidarity Network Follow-up Meeting

Seomra Spraoi / Monday 19th October / 8pm

Following on from the successful first meeting of the Social Solidarity Network on Saturday 3rd October, a follow up meeting will be held on Monday 19th October at 8pm in Seomra Spraoi.

The purpose of this meeting is to continue the discussion about how to build the Social Solidarity Network, and to discuss what we can do to build for the ICTU-organised ‘Day of Action’ on 6th November. It is planned that we will meet in each of the 4 groups we established at the last meeting (Workplace Organising, Community/Unwaged Organising, Unemployed Organising, Education Organising) for about 40 minutes, followed by a larger meeting of the full group (30 minutes).

For those who did not make it along to the meeting, the day was fairly successful with about 40 people attending. We started with a discussion in workshops about people’s personal experiences of the recession and cutbacks. This was followed by a look at the economics of the recession, and we finished up by breaking into the 4 groups mentioned above and began a discussion about how the Social Solidarity Network can be built and how it can relate to the ongoing fight against government cutbacks.

Hopefully all of you who were at the first meeting will be able to come along to this follow-up meeting, and hopefully also most of you will be able to bring a friend/work colleague/fellow activist along. If you didn’t make it along to the first meeting but are interested in helping to build this initiative, please try to get along to the meeting on Monday night.

Thank you.

Gregor Kerr
for Social Solidarity Network

ACT NOW Climate Activist Training 15th–18th October

Seomra Spraoi / 15th–18th October

Are you aged between 18–30?

Want to get action and media skills?

Want to join other young people in mobilising for climate justice at the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009?

A historic moment in the global movement for climate justice is coming. This year in December the world leaders will come together in Copenhagen to discuss a new climate deal. The Young Friends of the Earth Europe Climate Team, are 40 young people from all over Europe who will be there, following the negotiations. We will be putting pressure on our leaders, and reporting on the proceedings though numerous communication channels to young people all over Europe. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

During October regional conferences will be taking place all across Europe. The aim of the conferences is to empower young people to participate in climate politics and join the global movement for climate justice. At the conferences we will explore and gain understanding of the UNs role in forming the new global climate deal; and equip ourselves with all the action and media skills needed to carry out successful local climate justice actions at home. Other events to include: debates, a creative action on the streets of Dublin, and a movie night. If you want to be a part of the international youth climate movement that is working together to curb climate change and bring about a better future, then these four days of knowledge sharing and motivation would be a great place to start.

For young people from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg a conference will be held in Ireland.

Targeted age range is 18-30 years
More info
How to apply

Applications are open until September 14th

(but late applications will be considered)

Free — breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided free of charge.
Accomodation can be arranged on request.

Dublin Climate Camp meeting in Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 15th September / 6pm

Dublin Climate Camp meeting — all welcome

Proposed agenda points so far include…

  1. Possible Flash mob event as part of a global climate “wake up call” on Monday 21st September
  2. Do something on the transport issue on car free day, 22nd September?
  3. Organising logistics for the all-Ireland meeting 26th–27th September

Background to this meeting…

Since last November we’ve been building a movement for anyone who cares about climate change or social justice. The first Climate Camp in Ireland happened this August 15th–23rd, in Co. Offaly, where we created a space to meet, live, learn and take direct action together.

We pulled it off people… all who envisioned, inspired, planned, met, worked, participated, built, laughed, cooked, sang, discussed and took direct action, well done! It was all worth it. 300 people, 9 days of workshops, 7 enormous banners, 6 perfect compost loos, over 30 radio interviews, 27 delicious sustainable meals, simultaneous actions at all three peat-fired powerstations, 100s of bags of milled peat returned to the bog… …all impossible without you! People’s response during the go-round at the final plenary were great. The camp got a phenomenal amount of media coverage for its size, all of it was balanced and much of it was sympathetic.

But it wasn’t just about a 9 day camp.

Join us building a climate justice movement that can stop the promotion of false solutions in Copenhagen and create the real solutions we want at home.

Now we’re moving on to discuss where we go from here, the climate summit in Copenhagen and how we can build the alternatives in our own local areas. Now is the time to get involved and help shape this movement… join us at local meeting or our next all-Ireland gathering this September 26th in Dublin. More practical details of the gathering will follow. If you’d like to offer a workshop for kids, a workshop for everyone, offer to cook or offer to co-facilitate at this gathering please contact

On the agenda

  • The new climate camp working groups – reforming working groups for the coming year
  • Evaluation of the Climate Camp in 2009
  • Continuing community relationship in Shannonbridge
  • Going to Copenhagen & local direct actions around the global summit in December 09

Please send proposals and items for discussion to

Parents Group Meeting

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 27th June / 7pm

The best of us, at times, can be made feel isolated or alienated for thinking outside the box on issues that affect us & our children’s lives.

Whether it’s the mass media trying to manipulate you and your kids, gender stereotyping from the moment of birth, marketers targeting your kids as evolving consumers, a domesticising education system, authoritarian parenting, whatever negatives… the landscape can seem bleak and lonely if you’re questioning issues like these and feeling alone in your thoughts & efforts.

Instead of wallowing in the negatives of modern parenting, we think it’s important to open up a space where parents from diverse backgrounds can share positive experiences of different parenting and education practises as well as offering solidarity to others of like minds.

We plan to discuss many of the possibles & impossibles of parenting, alternative means of educating, kids’ music, unschooling, homeschooling, radical parenting, alternatives to punishment, teens, anti-authoritarian parenting, noTV, natural birthing, Steiner/Waldorf education, food, surviving the toddler years…

The list is endless!

Come along to our first informal meeting and share your experience, ideas and solidarity.