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Learn How to Squat

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 13th April / 12pm–12am

Fuck Paying for Housing

A day of workshops, discussion, films, food, raffle and fun to raise funds for and awareness of squatting in Dublin.

Suggested Donation of €7 for workshops and food.

  • 12pm–12:40pm — Treats and Welcoming
  • 1pm–2pm — Research
  • 2pm–3pm — Gaining Entry
  • 3pm–3:30pm — Lunch
  • 3:30pm–4:30pm — Lock Changing
  • 4:30pm–5:30pm — Electricity
  • 5:30pm–6:30pm — Legal/Polics
  • 6:30pm–7:15pm — Dinner
  • 7:15pm–8:30pm — Films
  • 8:30pm–10pm — Discussion
  • 10pm–10:30pm — Raffle Draw
  • 10:30pm–12am — Fun
  • Squatter’s Rights (short animation)
  • 69 (documentary about the Ungdomshuset squat in Copenhagen)
Open discussion about squatting
Raffle Prizes
  • Skipped Food Hamper
  • Crowbar
  • Soviet Earrings
  • Grand Mystery Prize
  • Music
  • Games

All Ireland Community Campaigns Gathering

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 26th March / 10am–5pm

Are you involved in a campaign in your community? Join us for an All Ireland Community Campaigns Gathering in Seomra Spraoi. This is a free event.

This is an open invitation to all community led campaign groups. By coming together we can share our experiences and find out how we can support each other to win. You and your group are invited to come together for a day with other community led campaign groups to:

  • Learn about each other’s struggles and find common issues
  • Share what we have learned in our campaigns & hear from successful ones
  • Discuss how we act in solidarity with each other
  • Participate in a skills workshop around a common challenge (For workshops see full programme below)


10am–11am — Opening
Introduction to the day and a chance for groups and individuals to introduce their own local situation and to hear some reflections from other campaigns.
11am–12am — Dealing with the Media
Share experiences of dealing with the media and get practical advice on writing and sending press releases, preparing for radio interviews and using alternative media. With Mimi Doran and William Hederman. Mimi Doran is a communications practitioner and media lecturer with interests in social justice and participatory approaches to learning, research, and communication. Mimi has completed research on media literacy with St Michael’s Estate Regeneration Team, at the Equality Studies Centre. Mimi has provided strategic planning, PR strategies and professional media training to a variety of businesses and organisations. William Hederman is an activist, photographer, graphic designer and journalist. He worked as a journalist and editor at The Irish Times and subsequently as a journalist at Village Magazine. He has also lectured in journalism at DCU. He is part of the collective that runs the Seomra Spraoi social centre in Dublin.
12am–12:15am — Tea and Coffee
12:15am–1:15pm — Basic tools for working together
Share your experience of working together in a community campaign group and learn basic tools that can be used to make decisions, facilitate discussions and keep working effectively.
Facilitated by Paula Leonard
2pm–3pm — Dealing with the State
A chance to hear about the experiences of one community campaign group in dealing with state agencies, government departments, the legal system and the Gardai, and to share your own experiences that others may be able to learn from. With Eoin O’Leidhin, activist at Rossport Solidarity Camp. Eoin has been living in Mayo for the past four years and will be sharing experiences of engaging with state agencies, regulators and the legal system.
Facilitated by Mark Malone, Seomra Spraoi.
3pm–4pm — How to Keep Going
This workshop is a space to look at how community organisers can cope with mental and physical stress of long term campaigning, how we can support each other and keep campaigns going in a sustainable way for our communities.
Facilitated by Aoife Cooke
4pm–4:15pm — Tea and Coffee
4:15pm–5pm — Closing
A chance to hear what people got out of the day to discuss how can we support each other and act in solidarity in the future, with the option of creating a short statement expressing solidarity between the different community campaigns for media release.
Facilitated by Paula Leonard
5:30pm–6:30pm — Light evening meal

The event is being organised by people active in a number of different campaigns including supporting the community under threat from Shell in Mayo. This event will be a neutral space and the aim is to support each other and share strategies. It is not a space for winning people over to specific campaign agendas or any party political groups. Discussions and learning from the day will be gathered and disseminated online to participants other community campaign groups after the event.

Venue: Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1. Seomra Spraoi is an inspiring example of a community centre run entirely on donations.

Directions: Walk north along Gardiner St, past Mountjoy Square and turn right at the next laneway (Belvedere Court). Seomra Spraoi is about halfway down the lane on the right hand side (number ten).

Food will be by donation, 5 euro or what you can afford. Please contact if you have any special dietary or mobility requirements. Let us know if you will need child care for the day as this can be arranged at the venue.

Please contact or call Jerrieann or Kate (087 6686644 / 085 1171140) if you have questions, are interested in attending or to book a place.

Seed swap

Food action invites you to ‘Seed swap’, a family friendly event. Swap trees, plants and seeds with Dublin’s growing community. Also enjoy the wholefood vegan café, music and more.

There will be a wild food and herb walk starting at Royal Canal, Phibsboro Road (next to Kelly’s Carpets) from 12:30am–1:30pm.

Seomra Spraoi will be open from 2pm–6:30pm for the seed-swapping event & more!

Contact: / 0857296088

Never Mind the Ballot

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 25th February / 2pm–8pm

Some things to do in your local social centre to take your mind off the futility of voting

On Polling Day

Vegan Cafe, Bike Workshop, Games, Cinema, Tea and cakes, and Art Workshop.

Activities are by suggested donations. More if you can afford it, less if you can’t.

  • Soup served between 2pm and 4pm
  • Bike Workshop from 2pm to 5pm
  • Art Workshop from 2pm to 4pm
  • Cakes from 3pm to 5pm
  • Games: Table tennis and boardgames, 2pm to 8pm
  • Dinner served between 6 and 7pm
  • Cinema: Election themed Hollywood


Bulworth (1998) 2pm
A suicidally disillusioned liberal politician puts a contract out on himself and takes the opportunity to be bluntly honest with his voters by affecting the rhythms and speech of hip-hop music and culture.
Election (1999) 4pm
A 1999 American comedy film adapted from a 1998 novel of the same title by Tom Perrotta. The plot revolves around a three-way election race in high school, and satirizes both suburban high school life and politics.
The Candidate (1972) 6pm
Bill McKay is a candidate for the U.S. Senate from California. He has no hope of winning, so he is willing to tweak the establishment. Themes of the film include how the political machine corrupts and the pointlessness of politics.

INDIE-AH! (fundraiser gig)

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 10th December / 8pm–1am

Fundraiser gig to raise money for Loreto Sisters Sealdah, Christian Brother’s, Goal and Mother Teresa’s Sisters all based in Kolkata, India.



Plus Special Guest artists!!!

Kicks off at 8.00pm sharp in Seomra Spraoi.
BYOB event, €5 suggested donation at the door.

‘Burma VJ’ — Auntie Underground

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 19th November / 7pm–10pm

‘Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country’ is a 2008 documentary film directed by Anders Østergaard. It follows the September 2007 uprisings against the military regime in Burma. Some of it was filmed on hand-held cameras, and the footage was smuggled out of the country. Other parts of it were reconstructed, which caused controversy.

‘Food Inc.’ Film Screening & Meal

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 16th November / 7:30pm–10pm

Hungry for Change?

Food Action invites you to a food and film evening, this coming Tuesday 16th November, 7.30pm in Seomra Spraoi.

We will be screening the 2008 film ‘Food, Inc.’ which examines the costs of putting value and convenience of food over nutrition and environmental impact. We’ll be sharing a vegan meal before the film (donations gratefully accepted!).

Food Action is a non-profit whole food club, whose aim is to provide its members/community with ecologically, sustainably, ethically and locally produced foods.


Seomra Spraoi
10 Belvidere Court
Dublin 1
[Location] via google maps

You can RSVP via our facebook invite

Viktor Grey & guests gig

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 13th November / 7pm–1am

Viktor Grey, Suzaku Avenue and Stevie Appleby are playing a gig on the 13th of November at Seomra Spraoi with various poets/storytellers. €5 @ the door. BYOB

Live bands, a mix of acoustic and gothic alternative, aswell as prog music, the sickly and dark underbelly of the Dublin scene, a requiem to the obscure and unconventional… with strobe lights.