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Punk / Hardcore / Noise Rock gig

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 12th September / 7pm–1am

Bands start at 7pm and end before 10pm.

After that it’s DJs playing punk, hardcore and party tunes till 1am.

€8 suggested donation, please.

Strikes, Healthcare and a New Union Model in Las Vegas

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 4th September / 7:30pm–8:45pm

A presentation on four years of organizing workers in the American healthcare system. The talk will focus on organizing strategies and tactics in the context of US unions and Healthcare in Las Vegas, and also tell the story of the first and only nursing strike in Nevada state history. A discussion will follow the presentation.

Suggested Donation €5

Tasmania Ancient Forest Film Screening & Info Night

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 27th August / 7:30pm–9pm

Presented by Climate Camp Ireland.

Tasmania’s Ancient Forests are under threat!

Come along and learn about Tasmania’s Ancient Forests, the threat they face, the campaign to save them & how you can get involved in 31st August International Day of Action To Protect Tasmania’s Ancient Forest.

Tasmania is Australia’s southern island with far stretching wild lands. On the Eastern border of the South West World Heritage Area is the vast and wild Southern Forests. What does remain of the Southern Forests is ecologically and culturally valuable to the Western Tasmanian wilderness area. Here in this wild country are valleys of ancient landscapes, tall eucalypt rainforest, untamed rivers, karst systems, diverse plant and animal life in a spectacular setting of glaciated highland peaks and lakes.

Currently unprotected and being devastated by shocking industrial forestry practices that clearfell, burn and poison large areas, the Southern Forests, are being lost.

What’s it got to do with Climate Change?

Like a giant safe-deposit box, old growth forests lock in vast amounts of carbon. As trees and undergrowth grow they draw in carbon dioxide. Over centuries, this carbon is slowly cycled into woody debris and forest soils. Ancient old growth trees, can store tonnes of carbon. After hundreds of years, old growth forests can contain over 1200 tonnes of carbon per hectare.

Unfortunately much of Tasmania’s remaining old growth forest is threatened by logging. Research shows that it is better, for climate change, to leave old growth forests in the ground rather than logging them and converting them to regrowth or plantations. As forests age, they build up a larger capacity to store carbon in wood, soil and woody debris. Logging undermines this capacity.

More Info

Tasmanian Ancient Forest Defence
Forests & Climate Change
Irish Climate Camp

‘American History X’ showing in Seomra Spraoi this Sunday at 7pm

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 16th August / 7pm–9pm

This week, Seomra Spraoi Cinema will be screening ‘American History X’.

American History X is a 1998 American film directed by Tony Kaye. The film tells the story of two brothers, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) and Daniel “Danny” Vinyard (Edward Furlong) of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. Both are extremely bright and charismatic students, and Derek is drawn into the neo-Nazi movement after their father, a firefighter, is murdered by a black drug dealer while trying to put out a fire in a South Central neighborhood. Derek kills two black gang members trying to steal his truck, and is sentenced to three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. The story shows how Danny is influenced by his older brother’s actions and ideology and how Derek, now radically changed by his experience in confinement, tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path as he did.


Seomra Spraoi / Every Friday (starting from 14th August) / 8pm–12am

Re-Session every Friday night in Seomra Spraoi!

Forget about the recession — it’s time to welcome in the weekend without breaking the bank. For all of you who want to be able to start the weekend on a Friday night, Seomra Spraoi will be opening its doors every Friday night from 8pm–12am.

For the price of a pint you can spend your Friday night in the company of friends, fairy lights and comfy couches in the home away from home. We provide the space, you provide the people and the refreshments, it’s B.Y.O.B, except for tea and coffee which are provided.

All monies go towards the rent of €2000+ that Seomra pays every month.

From 8pm — Entry a fiver — BYOB

Howard Zinn’s world famous “Marx in Soho”

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 6th & Friday 7th August / 8:30pm–11pm

Seomra Spraoi is proud to present the Irish dates of Howard Zinn’s “Marx in Soho”. Having travelled much of Europe this is your chance to see Jerry Levy perform this timely, witty and reflective one person play. I hope you get as excited as we are.

Howard Zinn is most known for his book, ‘A People’s History of the United States’, offering an alternative and enlightening perspective of American history as well as a great model for examining history in general. Howard Zinn’s play, “Marx in Soho” portrays the return of Marx.

How you might ask? Imagine all Karl Marx would have to say after one hundred years of just being able to watch… Embedded in some secular afterlife where intellectuals, artists, and radicals are sent, Marx is given permission by those in charge to return to Soho London to have his say. But through a bureaucratic mix-up, he winds up in Soho in New York. Marx returns to clear his name but in doing so he gives the audience glimpses of Karl Marx seldom talked about; Marx the immigrant, Marx the father, Marx the husband, Marx the Man. With captivating wit he shares tales from his life with his wife, daughters, friends and enemies.

The play can stand on its own or it can be used as a tool for dialogue. We like using it not just as an introduction to Karl Marx’s ideas but as an introduction to both classical and contemporary sociological thought. We find it offers something for everyone. For one who is familiar with Marxist thought, it offers a glimpse of who Marx might have been. For someone who knows little of Marx it offers a great introduction. Howard Zinn has crafted a play that not only introduces an audience to the ideas of Marx in a non-confrontational manner, but also inspires an audience to be open to thinking about their community and society from the perspective of these (and other) social theories.

Jerry Levy, who plays Karl Marx in the play, comes to the stage with years of experience as an actor and director in addition to being a professor of sociology at Marlboro College in Vermon.

So be sure not to miss this. If there is demand we can possibly add another date on the saturday. Entry, like all events is donation. €10 waged/€5 unwaged. More if you can less if you can’t. BYOB.

Soupstone kindergarten open day / festival

Soupstone kindergarten, a new Waldorf kindergarten in Dublin city centre, is holding a Lúnasa celebration and open day on Sunday, August 2nd. The festival, and the open day, are in Seomra Spraoi. The festival runs from 2pm to 6 pm on Sunday 1st February and all are welcome. All very much welcome; donations gratefully accepted.

About Soupstone Kintergarden

Soupstone is a place where children can be children, free of academic pressure, the pressure to consume and gender-stereotyping. Each day has a simple rhythm focussed on practical activities like baking, painting, story-telling or gardening, and each child develops their own relationship to this. In a Waldorf kindergarten, children come to develop their own personality more, learn to appreciate their own experience and meet each other with kindness.

Soupstone is a self-organised project run by a group of parents and teachers for our own children. We have different religions and none, come from different countries and speak different languages. Everyone involved has different needs and constraints, but we all try to contribute what we can personally, be that time, money, energy or administrative help. Parents are very much involved in Waldorf kindergartens — we have literally built Soupstone ourselves!

Soupstone will provide morning childcare for children between 3 and 6. For more information, see, email us at or contact Aileen on 086 8342545.

Fluid 45 for one night only

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 26th July / 9pm

Seomra Spraoi are damn happy to annouce the only Dublin performance of the infamous Fluid 45. Pulling out all the stops in a fundraider for the social center, we’d suggest you get in on this one early. The only place to be if you’re not in tent in a field this weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, boyz and grrls, get your sheeeet on this Saturday nite as Seomra Spraoi bring you yet another exclusive one off. Fluid 45 have been a the forefront of souljazz/funk/intimate house parties for over 10 years, and come blistering back to what where like before the Celtic tiger shat all over us with super club of anonimity

Hailing from more north that you know, this turntablist duo have been known to have all and sundry dancing on the tables, melting on the floor. It isn’t always pretty, but looks only go so far. If you like to smile while getting on your getting on, bring your friends down to Seomra for this one off fundraiser.

Door at 9pm BYOB, doors will close at capacity, advised that best to get in by 11:30 as we can’t guarantee entry after then.

Organizing the Digital Assembly Line: Labour’s Resistance in the Call Centre

Seomra Spraoi / Wednesday 15th July / 8pm–9:30pm

Low pay. High stress. Constant surveillance. Here one day and outsourced the next. Call centre work has exploded in the last 20 years, but delivers precarious and highly exploitative jobs. This discussion and screening explores some of the ways in which workers are responding to life on the digital assembly line and reflects on how they and their allies might extend collective organizing within the call centre. Featuring clips from recent documentaries on call centre work in India and Italy, the evening will be devoted to sharing strategy and building links between call centre workers, trade unionists and community activists.

Enda Brophy is a postdoctoral fellow at York University in Toronto, and is writing a book on labour organizing in call centres.

Des Derwin is a long term trade union activist with his union SIPTU, who will share his experiences of the effects of social partnership on trade union organising over the past two decades.

Brought to you by Volta Cinema. (thanks guys!!! — seomra spraoi)