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Saor Ceol – an open jam!

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 13th June / 4pm–10pm

4–10pm, Saor Ceol is a Music event, but it’s unlike many other events of its nature because the lineup is undecided, the songs are all improvised, the participation is completely open to the public. Suggested Donation €5, more if you can afford it, less if you can’t.

This June I invite you to come along to the seomra Spraoi for Saor Ceol an open jam! No matter what instrument you play, no matter how well, you’re completely welcome to plug in and play with fellow musicians. If you don’t play anything just sit back on one of the couches and listen!

All we ask is a suggested donation of €5, more if you can afford it, less if you can’t. (Money goes to the rent and upkeep of Seomra Spraoi.)

Amps, P.A. & drumkit will be provided, and there will be guitars, basses, mics and other instruments — but if possible bring along your own, especally if you play something unusual.
So come along and experience a musical treat truly unique and listen to the best of Irish musicians all playing together!

P.S. bring your own beer!

‘Food Fight’ Café with talk on Community Gardens

Seomra Spraoi / Wednesday 20th May / 7pm–10pm

Food Fight! Present:

Growing Food Building Communities

A Presentation & Discussion on Community Gardens

A presentation by Miriam Turley (Eglantine Community Garden, Belfast), & Seoidin O’Sullivan (The South Circular Road Food Garden Project, Dublin).

Food Fight!

Food Fight! is a monthly food/politics info night & cafe at Seomra Spraoi. Take some generous lashings of sustainable food, whizz it up with flavoursome talks, films & presentations and you’re in for a tasty treat. It’s for anyone passionate about food & changing the world…

The South Circular Road Food Garden Project: Dublin

The South Circular Road Food Garden Project began in April 2007 when a collective from the recently evicted Dolphins Barn Garden (2005–2006) decided to continue the project on a new site. They have a derelict site, once a car park on loan from ST Salvage Company that they have converted into a community food garden. Seoidin will talk about the history of the project and bring people up to date on community and educational initiatives that they are currently involved in.

The Eglantine Community Garden (The Anarchist Plot): Belfast

The Eglantine Community Garden has achieved lots of things in its 5 year lifetime. It has provided a community space for people who would have been strangers to become neighbours. It has been a training ground for community organisers and community gardeners. It’s a wildlife space, and things can get pretty wild on friday nights. Islamophobes have been seen out gathering up rubbish with the objects of their fear. We met a 97 year old local resident and started a local history project.

Where does the food come in? To be honest, it hasn’t featured highly to date. The idea of community food production has attracted a lot of people to the site, but the production is not what you might call intensive. But from this month 8 people have their own plots, and are learning to grow with the help of gardening workshops. And some of us are starting to look a bit more closely at food production methods. Working on and using the site has embedded it in people’s hearts, and protected it for the future. In the future perhaps it will significantly contribute to the diet of the local population.

Seoidin is an initiator and current participant in The South Circular Road Community Garden. She is an artist based in Dublin currently working on two collaborative art projects. TRESPASS, a film, photo and research based project that looks at wasteland sites around the city and TACTIC a project that works between South Africa and Dublin working with artists and activists.

Miriam is a classy cook, educator, activist, and initiator of the Eglantine Community Garden.TACTIC”

Seomra Spraoi Cinema — Radiant City

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 3rd May / 5pm–7:30pm

Screening at 5pm, Radiant City is a National Film Board of Canada film released in 2006 at the Toronto Film Festival, about suburban sprawl and the fictional Moss family who live in the suburbs.

The film consists of two components. One tells of the five member Moss family who have just moved from the city into a brand new suburban development. The narrative is set in the Evergreen suburb of Calgary, Alberta. The family discuss and portray life in the suburbs, and the various flaws and advantages of modern suburban life, with a considerably greater emphasis on the flaws. While the characters and instances in the movie are fictional, the actors that play them all do live in real suburban areas.

Interspersed with this narrative, experts speak to the camera about their views of the suburbs. These include Joseph Heath, Mark Kingwell, James Howard Kunstler, and Beverly Sandalack. These portions are filmed in different suburban areas of North America, including Oakville, Ontario.

Soupstone Kindergarten Belated Bealtaine gardening festival

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 10th May / 3pm–6pm

Soupstone Kindergarten is holding a Belated Bealtaine gardening festival for kids, parents and everyone else on Sunday, May 10th from 3 to 6 pm. There’ll be kids’ gardening, face painting and an afternoon cafe. All very much welcome (donations gratefully accepted!)

About Soupstone Kindergarten

Soupstone is a new Waldorf project opening in Dublin city centre; we will provide morning childcare for children from 3 to 6.

It is a place where children can be children, free of academic pressure, the pressure to consume and gender-stereotyping. Each day has a simple rhythm focussed on practical activities like baking, painting, story-telling or gardening, and each child develops their own relationship to this. In a Waldorf kindergarten, children come to develop their own personality more, learn to appreciate their own experience and meet each other with kindness.

Soupstone is a self-organised project run by a group of parents and teachers for our own children. We have different religions and none, come from different countries and speak different languages. Everyone involved has different needs and constraints, but we all try to contribute what we can personally, be that time, money, energy or administrative help. Parents are very much involved in Waldorf kindergartens — we have literally built Soupstone ourselves!

For more details contact Aileen on 086 8342545 or email

6 Social Centre Films; 2 Seomra Spraoi info nights: Tuesday 5th & 12th May 2009, 7pm

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 5th & 12th May / 7pm–10pm

Back in 2003/2004, Darren from (then) Direct Action Against Apathy/(now) Seomra Spraoi spent several months roaming Europe visiting social centres, talking about social centres & making some films from the results. The films are from Belfast, Leeds, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, & Nottingham. By sharing the experiences of other social centres and seeing their practical examples hopefully these films will help inspire people in Ireland.

The spaces featured on the films include squatted warehouses, info-shops, cafes, community gardens, children’s spaces, theatres, music venues, dance studios, saunas, bars, dance studios, squatting info points, recording studios, print workshop, health centres, art studios, bike workshops, community centres, offices meeting spaces, art galleries, libraries, internet access points, free shops… Not all of the spaces are permanent, some are one night only squat cafés, temporary social space squatted 10 days. Some spaces are squats, some are legalised, & some co-operatively owned. All of the spaces are different & they’re all pretty impressive.

The ‘premiere’ of these films was the first ever Seomra Spraoi event back in 2004, for those who weren’t around and those who can’t remember, here’s a chance to see the films. There will be some time after the screenings for discussion, film maker shall be in attendance in the screening to field awkward questions…

Film synopsi

Tuesday 5th May 7pm

Temporary squatted social centre in Leeds, England, December 2003. 10 days & 10 nights. Hundreds of people transform abandoned warehouse into kick-ass space for workshops, discussion, parties, & cafes; chop vegetables & huddle together to keep warm. (12 mins 2004)

Our Kitchen Squat Café
Belfast’s first squat café November 2003, music, vegetables, & talk about anarchy in a very cold dark & secret place… (8 mins 2004)

Canmasdeu ‘Rurban’
Squatted social centre on the outskirts of Barcelona, bringing ideas, skills & technology from the countryside into the city. Sunshine, community gardening, fancy d.i.y. plumbing, & experiments in communal living. Canmasdeu is the squat your grandmother would love. (28 mins 2004)

Tuesday 12th May 7pm

Three Social Centres in Amsterdam
Does exactly what it says on the tin. A tour of three legalised squats in Amsterdam; the Molli, the Film Academy, & the Binnenpret. Squat actions, children’s theatre & electro-acoustic concerts with musings on the merits & pit-falls of ‘dealing with the man’. (34 mins 2004)

A Winter Walk Through Christiania
A quiet stroll through the infamous squatted town in Copenhagen; frozen lakes, wooden cottages & winding paths in the brilliant winter sun followed by a raid from the Danish police. (6 mins 2004)
Sumac Centre
Vegan fries, vegan beer, vegans, & home to veggies the probably the best vegan catering outfit on the planet. The Sumac is a co-operatively owned ‘Radical environmental community type social centre’ in Nottingham. Some vegetables were cooked in the making of this film. (18 mins 2004)

More info on films:

Seomra Spraoi fundraiser gig // Taliesin, Herv & more!

Broker’s Bar, Dame Street / Friday 1st May / 10pm–2:30am

€5 door tax


  • Bass bigness from Taliesin
  • Old skool hardcore from Herv
  • Dubstep & Jungle from Krossphader and Welfare
  • Mashed up bassness from Fingerface & Seamless

All for 5 euros!

Low end theorist Taliesin plays only the roughest in dubstep, jungle, breakcore and booty bass and starts off his UK & Ireland tour with this gig and a set at the Sibin Festival.
He has worked with the likes of Ghislain Poirier, Drop The Lime, DJ/Rupture, Matt Shadetek, Starkey, Filastine, TSA, Kid Kameleon, Ripley, Plastic Little, Star Eyes, Cousin Cole, Rezound, Geko Jones, Jah Dan and the list is only sure to grow from here on… //
Like watching late period Rick Wakeman being attacked by robots made out of old spring coils. And if you don’t think that’s a pretty appealing vision, well then, you’re missing a few mental teeth… Expect a set of jungle and acid techno from one of Ireland’s finest producers
Suburban superhero Krossphader has been rocking Dublin’s airwaves for many a year with his Radio Neuromantek show every Tuesday night on Raidió na Life.
Welfare is a Dublin based Dubstep and Jungle aficionado and E.R souljah with a weekly radio show on Raidio na Life and has been known to surface loudly in Galway and Dublin clubs with vinyl and Serato in tow!
Eclectic flavours of the broken beat variety from the ex Jazzfm DJ who can be found spinning in the Seomra of an evening.

About Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre in Dublin city centre. It is run by a non-hierarchical, anti capitalist collective on a not-for-profit basis. It hosts workshops, gigs, political meetings, film screenings, a vegan cafe and lots more. The centre seeks to be a hub of positive resistance in a city and society where public spaces have been eaten away by consumerism, property speculation and the culture of the car.

Check out for more info!

Seomra Spraoi Sunday Café, Bike Workshop and Cinema

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 26th April (every Sunday) / 2pm

People’s Kitchen Sunday Cafe
Awesome vegan food, this & every Sunday @ Seomra Spraoi. Food Served 3pm–4pm. Suggested donation for food €4, more or less as you can afford.
Bike workshop, 2–4pm
There will be people meeting every Sunday afternoon to work together on each other’s and rescued bikes, swap bike stories and hopefully go on to organise more cool interesting bike related stuff.
Seomra Spraoi Cinema from 5–7:30pm

The Black Market, Dublin, 1pm

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 3rd May / 1pm–7pm

A DIY Market Of Artwork, Books, Records And Oddities

An alternative to the “art world”

On Sunday 3rd of May, the Seomra Spraoi social centre will be host to a collection of artists, sculptors, zine nerds, record collectors and purveyors of bric a brac and assorted oddities. The market will be run in conjunction with its sister market of the same name in Belfast which has been running very successfully for a number of months now. It is run on a purely DIY non-profit basis with donations going towards the running of Seomra Spraoi itself.

All are welcome to come and spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon browsing the stalls and food and drinks will also be available, or indeed if you would like a stall of your own please contact us by email:, or by phone, 0857103532.