Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Aims & Principles


To create self-managed, autonomous social spaces in Dublin, the purposes for which are to:

  • Provide safe, positive space, enabling people to be informed about and empowered through engagement in struggles for a more just, equitable & sustainable society.
  • Provide resources for, and facilitate the needs of activists and campaign groups, enabling them to meet, discuss, plan, create links, recuperate, strengthen, consolidate, re-energise, and develop new ideas.
  • Provide an environment in which people can access, create, play and enjoy, music, art, theatre, film, poetry, etc; exploring and integrating ideas of creativity with activism.
  • Demonstrate and promote viable alternatives to the profit-making, hierarchical power structures and social relations of capitalism – based on grassroots direct democracy, co-operation, consensus, non-profit, social justice and environmental sustainability.
  • To promote and support people having democratic control of their lives and the world around them, their workplace, communities etc.


Autonomy and self-management
Seomra Spraoi aims to run independently of local authority, government, church, business, or other controlling body. It is managed collectively by the people who use it.
Openness and inclusion
Seomra Spraoi seeks to be open and inclusive, providing a space that is welcoming to everyone irrespective of age, race, ethnic background, gender, class, sexuality and ability. We encourage – and aim to provide equal access to – participation in Seomra Spraoi.
Horizontal (non-hierarchical) organising
Seomra Spraoi believes in organising without leaders or bosses, and in everyone having an equal say. When power is shared equally in a group, it can be more effective and sustainable – as well as empowering – for all involved.
Collective decision making
We reach decisions by consensus, as far as practically possible. Consensus decision-making is about trying to find common ground and solutions that are acceptable to all. This attempts to ensure that everyone’s opinions, ideas and concerns in Seomra Spraoi are taken into account.
Co-operation and mutual aid
In a world dominated by competition and conflict, we believe that working together, sharing knowledge, skills and resources, and helping each other out builds strong communities and networks of support and friendship.
Not for profit
Seomra Spraoi is a not for-profit collective. Fixed bikes, food and drinks, information, books, internet access and meeting space are available either for free or in return for donations. We strive to make our activities genuinely affordable — and accessible — to all.
Environmental Sustainability
In an effort to minimise the ecological damage we cause, Seomra Spraoi tries to reuse/recycle as much as possible. From reused furniture, bike and computer parts to recycling our rubbish, an ecologically sustainable outlook is fundamental to Seomra Spraoi.