Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

“Neuromantek” fundraiser for Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 28th November / 10pm–3am

DJs from Nuromantek (Twitter) radio show on Raidió na Life 106.4FM.

Raidió Neuromantek grew out of the weekly electro/electronica club that ran from January 2002 through December 2003 at various Dublin pubs, most frequently in the upstairs of the Thomas House. After the club stopped, cofounders Dee Harvey and Paul Watts started up the radio show, with Krossie and Dee’s brother Mick taking over for her shortly thereafter. Since then, we have aimed to play the stuff other shows don’t (or daren’t) play, hoping that our listeners will hear something they like in the process…

  • DJ Richie Rolfe (Neuromantek / Undercurrent)
  • DJ Paul Watts (Neuromantek / Power FM / Lazy Bird)
  • DJ Krossphader (Neuromantek)
  • Chickener (Neuromantek)
  • Krank Kutz
  • + Visuals

Cost : €5 unwaged / €10 waged (Suggested Donation)
Proceeds go to Seomra Spraoi