Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

‘Pustaka Semesta’ Kuala Lumpur Infoshop Fundraiser

Seomra Spraoi / Friday 24th September / 8pm–1am

Malaysian Food, Films & Party DJs… Probably gonna be the best night of your life…
Suggested Donation €5/8 more/less as you can afford

Pustaka Semesta

Hello from ‘Pustaka Semesta’ Kuala Lumpur,

We are soon to open our own Infoshop. We feel really excited and yes a bit nervous. Honestly, our budget is quite small but we have a big hearts, mobilizing our efforts and dreams to realize this.

The infoshop is part a mission by Kudeta Collective to empower community and ourselves. For the time being, it still is a bit too early to say what sort of activities we can have on the space or even categories store on the shelves. Providing alternative and valuable resources and informations, where people can get together and things can grow.

We work in collaboration with the wonderful people at Gudang Noisy, a loose collective that runs a huge two-storey warehouse. The space for now serves as show venues, jamming studio, community centre, bicyle co-op and vegan cafe. The decision to move into the space is partly taking up vacancy and supporting the space in dealing with rental. Our infoshop will be on the front part of the 1st floor at Gudang Noisy.

To make it happen we need your help in almost anything….