Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre


Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 28th February / 4pm–6pm

A representation (in dark comic style) of the true story of 300 Spartans standing up against thousands of invading Persians in 480 BC.

‘300’ tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. Persians, under the rule of (God) King Xerxes, have already taken over some of the Hellenic city-states and now threaten Sparta and Athens. King Leonidas of Sparta is left with either having to sacrifice himself for the well-being of Sparta or watch it burn to the ground. The story depicts the epic last stand of the finest Spartan soldiers who are aware of their fate, but motivated by honour and glory see the battle as their duty to protect Greece.