Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Zine Workshop & Café

Seomra Spraoi / Sunday 17th January / 3pm–6pm

D.i.Y. Sundays @ Seomra Spraoi: Great food you can afford, skillshares & workshops, every Sunday at Seomra Spraoi.

Food Served 3pm
2/3 course for €suggested donation yum! yum!
Zine Making Workshop
Kicks off 4pm
Get together, listen ta music, cut out, make & do, stick down, self publish, read & swap, FANZINE WORKSHOP; make your own magazine. Bring materials magazines and other items for cutting up, pencils, pens, scissors & paint!
Facilitated by Emily Aoibhean

You are very welcome to get involved… we always need volunteers for the café, and you’re welcome to put on a workshop or share some skills, or suggest a film for the cinema…