Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Dublin Climate Camp meeting in Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 15th September / 6pm

Dublin Climate Camp meeting — all welcome

Proposed agenda points so far include…

  1. Possible Flash mob event as part of a global climate “wake up call” on Monday 21st September
  2. Do something on the transport issue on car free day, 22nd September?
  3. Organising logistics for the all-Ireland meeting 26th–27th September

Background to this meeting…

Since last November we’ve been building a movement for anyone who cares about climate change or social justice. The first Climate Camp in Ireland happened this August 15th–23rd, in Co. Offaly, where we created a space to meet, live, learn and take direct action together.

We pulled it off people… all who envisioned, inspired, planned, met, worked, participated, built, laughed, cooked, sang, discussed and took direct action, well done! It was all worth it. 300 people, 9 days of workshops, 7 enormous banners, 6 perfect compost loos, over 30 radio interviews, 27 delicious sustainable meals, simultaneous actions at all three peat-fired powerstations, 100s of bags of milled peat returned to the bog… …all impossible without you! People’s response during the go-round at the final plenary were great. The camp got a phenomenal amount of media coverage for its size, all of it was balanced and much of it was sympathetic.

But it wasn’t just about a 9 day camp.

Join us building a climate justice movement that can stop the promotion of false solutions in Copenhagen and create the real solutions we want at home.

Now we’re moving on to discuss where we go from here, the climate summit in Copenhagen and how we can build the alternatives in our own local areas. Now is the time to get involved and help shape this movement… join us at local meeting or our next all-Ireland gathering this September 26th in Dublin. More practical details of the gathering will follow. If you’d like to offer a workshop for kids, a workshop for everyone, offer to cook or offer to co-facilitate at this gathering please contact

On the agenda

  • The new climate camp working groups – reforming working groups for the coming year
  • Evaluation of the Climate Camp in 2009
  • Continuing community relationship in Shannonbridge
  • Going to Copenhagen & local direct actions around the global summit in December 09

Please send proposals and items for discussion to