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ACT NOW Climate Activist Training 15th–18th October

Seomra Spraoi / 15th–18th October

Are you aged between 18–30?

Want to get action and media skills?

Want to join other young people in mobilising for climate justice at the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009?

A historic moment in the global movement for climate justice is coming. This year in December the world leaders will come together in Copenhagen to discuss a new climate deal. The Young Friends of the Earth Europe Climate Team, are 40 young people from all over Europe who will be there, following the negotiations. We will be putting pressure on our leaders, and reporting on the proceedings though numerous communication channels to young people all over Europe. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

During October regional conferences will be taking place all across Europe. The aim of the conferences is to empower young people to participate in climate politics and join the global movement for climate justice. At the conferences we will explore and gain understanding of the UNs role in forming the new global climate deal; and equip ourselves with all the action and media skills needed to carry out successful local climate justice actions at home. Other events to include: debates, a creative action on the streets of Dublin, and a movie night. If you want to be a part of the international youth climate movement that is working together to curb climate change and bring about a better future, then these four days of knowledge sharing and motivation would be a great place to start.

For young people from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg a conference will be held in Ireland.

Targeted age range is 18-30 years
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Applications are open until September 14th

(but late applications will be considered)

Free — breakfast, lunch and dinners are provided free of charge.
Accomodation can be arranged on request.