Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Soupstone kindergarten open day / festival

Soupstone kindergarten, a new Waldorf kindergarten in Dublin city centre, is holding a Lúnasa celebration and open day on Sunday, August 2nd. The festival, and the open day, are in Seomra Spraoi. The festival runs from 2pm to 6 pm on Sunday 1st February and all are welcome. All very much welcome; donations gratefully accepted.

About Soupstone Kintergarden

Soupstone is a place where children can be children, free of academic pressure, the pressure to consume and gender-stereotyping. Each day has a simple rhythm focussed on practical activities like baking, painting, story-telling or gardening, and each child develops their own relationship to this. In a Waldorf kindergarten, children come to develop their own personality more, learn to appreciate their own experience and meet each other with kindness.

Soupstone is a self-organised project run by a group of parents and teachers for our own children. We have different religions and none, come from different countries and speak different languages. Everyone involved has different needs and constraints, but we all try to contribute what we can personally, be that time, money, energy or administrative help. Parents are very much involved in Waldorf kindergartens — we have literally built Soupstone ourselves!

Soupstone will provide morning childcare for children between 3 and 6. For more information, see, email us at or contact Aileen on 086 8342545.