Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Queer Spraoi/RAG/Seomra Spraoi Open Workshop — Queer Politics: Mainstream or Revolutionary?

Seomra Spraoi / Wednesday 10th June / 6pm–7:30pm

6 p.m. sharp, everyone welcome.

The contemporary Euro-American LGBT movement emerged out of the gay and lesbian liberation struggles associated with the radical politics of the 1960s, which in turn were inspired by mass revolutionary movements prominent at the turn of the twentieth century. Yet today the majority of men and women active in LGBT politics seek not revolutionary social change but inclusion within the boundaries of mainstream liberal culture. They tend to organise as a single-issue interest group seeking legislative reforms (for example, amendments to marriage laws), and unlike their forebears pose no radical challenges to either capitalism or the state.

In this workshop, sponsored jointly by Queer Spraoi, RAG, and Seomra Spraoi, we will explore the controversial question of whether contemporary queer politics can and ought to pursue a more ambitious political agenda. If so, what form might such a politics take, and how would it relate to its more conservative cousin?

This is a public and free event, and everyone is welcome!
The workshop will be followed by a queer café and social night.