Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

6 Social Centre Films; 2 Seomra Spraoi info nights: Tuesday 5th & 12th May 2009, 7pm

Seomra Spraoi / Tuesday 5th & 12th May / 7pm–10pm

Back in 2003/2004, Darren from (then) Direct Action Against Apathy/(now) Seomra Spraoi spent several months roaming Europe visiting social centres, talking about social centres & making some films from the results. The films are from Belfast, Leeds, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, & Nottingham. By sharing the experiences of other social centres and seeing their practical examples hopefully these films will help inspire people in Ireland.

The spaces featured on the films include squatted warehouses, info-shops, cafes, community gardens, children’s spaces, theatres, music venues, dance studios, saunas, bars, dance studios, squatting info points, recording studios, print workshop, health centres, art studios, bike workshops, community centres, offices meeting spaces, art galleries, libraries, internet access points, free shops… Not all of the spaces are permanent, some are one night only squat cafés, temporary social space squatted 10 days. Some spaces are squats, some are legalised, & some co-operatively owned. All of the spaces are different & they’re all pretty impressive.

The ‘premiere’ of these films was the first ever Seomra Spraoi event back in 2004, for those who weren’t around and those who can’t remember, here’s a chance to see the films. There will be some time after the screenings for discussion, film maker shall be in attendance in the screening to field awkward questions…

Film synopsi

Tuesday 5th May 7pm

Temporary squatted social centre in Leeds, England, December 2003. 10 days & 10 nights. Hundreds of people transform abandoned warehouse into kick-ass space for workshops, discussion, parties, & cafes; chop vegetables & huddle together to keep warm. (12 mins 2004)

Our Kitchen Squat Café
Belfast’s first squat café November 2003, music, vegetables, & talk about anarchy in a very cold dark & secret place… (8 mins 2004)

Canmasdeu ‘Rurban’
Squatted social centre on the outskirts of Barcelona, bringing ideas, skills & technology from the countryside into the city. Sunshine, community gardening, fancy d.i.y. plumbing, & experiments in communal living. Canmasdeu is the squat your grandmother would love. (28 mins 2004)

Tuesday 12th May 7pm

Three Social Centres in Amsterdam
Does exactly what it says on the tin. A tour of three legalised squats in Amsterdam; the Molli, the Film Academy, & the Binnenpret. Squat actions, children’s theatre & electro-acoustic concerts with musings on the merits & pit-falls of ‘dealing with the man’. (34 mins 2004)

A Winter Walk Through Christiania
A quiet stroll through the infamous squatted town in Copenhagen; frozen lakes, wooden cottages & winding paths in the brilliant winter sun followed by a raid from the Danish police. (6 mins 2004)
Sumac Centre
Vegan fries, vegan beer, vegans, & home to veggies the probably the best vegan catering outfit on the planet. The Sumac is a co-operatively owned ‘Radical environmental community type social centre’ in Nottingham. Some vegetables were cooked in the making of this film. (18 mins 2004)

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