Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Queer Ball, hosted by Queer Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi / Saturday 28th March / 7:30pm–1am

Beloved Queers, Femmes, Butches, In-betweeners and all-rounders,

You are cordially invited to Queer Spraoi’s Queer Ball. This shall be a night of the most delightful, decadently majestic entertainment for all and sundry! Our featured swing band shall provide an appropriate backing to the proceedings, as guests enter the venue in their Best, Worst and Bizarrest. Upon arrival, photographers will be on hand to take pictures of the best femme kings and butch queens of Dublin Town; a make-up/dress- up station shall attend to those in need or want of a touch up. (While it is encouraged, guests are however not obliged to dress-up should this make them uncomfortable!)

Guests are invited to bring their own alcoholic beverages, snacks and baked goods to share in what is likely to be an unforgettable night of high-minded DIY scandal and debauchery.

The Ball shall be held on MARCH 28th, 7PM to 1AM. Doors close at 11PM. The venue is SEOMRA SPRAOI, 10 BELVIDERE COURT, OFF MOUNTJOY SQUARE.

We hope to see you there, unless you see us first.

love and filthy crusty pixie dust,

Queer Spraoi

(Advice to guests: Seomra Spraoi is a vegetarian/vegan space. Please respect this in your choice of snacks to bring along)