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Volta Cinema 4: Manufactured Landscapes

Volta Cinema: Manufactured Landscapes. Tuesday Feb 10th, 7pm to 11pm. Films start at 8pm. Food starts at 7pm.

About Volta Cinema

Volta Cinema is a collective designing events that use film as a hinge for discussion. We aim to use and abuse the medium to enquire into the conditions in which we find ourselves. We aim to assemble themes and discussions simply so we can begin the conversations that move us on to a better world.

Manufactured Landscapes

World renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky’s depictions of destroyed natural landscapes are the subject of this oddly beautiful documentary. Recreating massive scenes from as far afield as a breaking yard in Bangladesh or a factory in China, director Jennifer Baichwal’s camera also reveals the human participants in this grand portrait of the ecological disasters brought about in the pursuit of progress.

Canada / 2006 / 86 mins / Documentary / Director: Jennifer Baichwal

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