Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Soup Kitchen Cafe w/ Eric Carbonara, Cian Nugent & Gavin Prior

Food served from 7pm

€5 suggested donation, pay less if you’re skint…

FOOD: 7pm – till it’s all gone…

We promise a feast…
3 course dinner, Zapatista coffee and fancy cakes
(Veggie/vegan & gluten free options available) cooked & served by Dublin’s sexiest chefs The People’s Kitchen

with live music from…

Eric Carbonara is a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist & recording engineer, whose search for raw aural expression has led him far and wide – from noise & electro-acoustic music to taking deep root in the bounty of the wooden guitar.

Carbonara’s playing draws on the rich musical styles from Andalusian Roma-Flamenco to Hindustani & North African folk to form a kind of exalted pidgin style of playing that covers a wide emotional terrain from meditative calm to restless unease. His live solo performances range from contemplative acoustic meditations to aggressively loud electric sets. Carbonara is a regular collaborator in the improvisational outfit, Evil Eye Sound System & plays with the Philly psych-rock group, Soft People.

Carbonara’s full length solo acoustic debut, Exodus Bulldornadius was released in November 2007 on Chicago based Locust Music as part of the label’s ongoing Wooden Guitar series.

Talented young guitar player Cian Nugent plays instrumental guitar music with many folk and experimental influences. His exploratory style of playing has earned him comparisons to Robbie Basho and John Fahey. Recently he has toured with Jozef VanWissen and James Blackshaw
and will feature on an upcoming compilation from legendary folk label Tompkins Square.
A solo show from Gavin, who also plays in United Bible Studies, Wyntr Ravn, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Toymonger, and has played in Agitated Radio Pilot, Amygdala, Murmansk, The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree and many other occasional or once-off improv groupings. Gavin also co-runs the Deserted Village label.