Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Beyond Mary’s Abbey

It’s been a slow process finding a new Seomra but we are close. More details about that will be coming soon so watch this space for updates.

With each move we have grown and have seen more people taking an interest and getting involved in our project. Mary’s Abbey saw a huge surge in involvement. We were surprised and inspired by the diversity and imagination that was present in the wide range of projects that grew up in the little gap in Dublin’s concrete that Seomra Spraoi provided. Mary’s Abbey wasn’t just a place for meetings or having a good time at the weekend. It became a focal point for action, a place to perform, a space to be creative, and perhaps most importantly of all, a place for people of different backgrounds and nationalities to discuss and have lively arguments about anything, from politics to the music of Stevie Wonder.

The reactions that users of the space had to our shutting down re-asserted the desperate need for such a place, and our duty to keep the project alive. We were rarely short of people to help out or of donations to pay the rent and the bills. We are committed to rebuilding the project and we encourage new people, and people who were involved in the project before, to come and support us now. We say this every time we start in a new premises but it’s true — now is a great time to get involved. A new building provides a new opportunity for people to begin with something of a blank slate.

It’s been seven months since Seomra Spraoi closed its doors at Mary’s Abbey for the last time. The drama and disappointment that came at the end of that amazing experience created a space for reflection. Since then we have been getting back to our roots and re-evaluating the project. A new organisational structure has been put in place. General collective meetings will now be held monthly with four working groups feeding into that meeting. Each working group is taking on specific tasks related to different aspects of the project. These working groups give people a chance to give a more focused and less time-consuming commitment to the project.

The next general meeting is on Thursday the 3rd of July at 7:30 (venue to be confirmed). Alternatively you can email us on if you are interested in working with us on the project.