Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Sunday 4th November — 5pm Break the World Bank and 7pm Reproductive Rights in Ireland

Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Past, present and future

A discussion meeting on reproductive rights in Ireland.

A discussion meeting introduced by Mary Muldowney, pro-choice campaigner, entitled:
Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Past, Present and Future
will be hosted by Choice Ireland on Sunday 4th November at 7pm.

The venue is Seomra Spraoi, Marys Abbey (continuation of Abbey Street, off Capel Street), Dublin 1 opposite Rhodes restaraunt.

Break the World Bank — Film and Discussion

Sunday 4th November — 5pm, Seomra Spraoi

In advance of the upcoming World Bank meeting in Dublin on 12th November there will be an info evening with discussion and a few short movies looking at the role of the World Bank in the spread of destructive global capitalism and how this impacts on communities around the world.

Through its conditions for loans the World Bank has forced privatisation of many essential services. This movie looks at water privatisation in Bolivia and how communities have been affected by harsh World Bank policies.

The World Bank has been very comfortable handing out loans to right wing dictators and brutal regimes who used the money to oppress the people of their countries. Though the tyrannic regimes may have fallen many are still living with their legacy by being forced to repay these loans to the World Bank. ‘Dictators Debt’ examines the effects of these illegitimate debts on majority world countries, focusing on South Africa and the Philippines.

The World Bank is coming to Dublin on Monday November 12th November — delegates will stay at the Grand Hotel Malahide. This is also where they will meet and discuss new strategies for the privatisation of “development”.

They claim to be working for a world free of poverty yet…

  • The World Bank keeps millions in poverty through crippling debt structures, unfair trade rules, enforced privatisation and public service cutbacks.
  • The World Bank funds environmentally devastating projects.
  • The same neo-liberal ideology that fuels the World Bank – profit for the few over the lives of the many – is destroying communities here in Ireland.

We* think this is a perfect opportunity to have a bit of a party. So we’ve gathered up some buckets and spades, our favourite tunes we’re making some salad sandwiches and we’ve invited all our friends. So join us out in Malahide on Monday 12th of November. All ages welcome!

*A network of social justice, anarchist, anti-capitalist and environmental activists who operate under the principles of Grassroots Dissent