Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Seomra Spraoi first training day — Sunday 21st October, 5pm

Ever thought “i’d like to help out but i’m not sure what it is i can do”?
Want to become an active participant and get more fun outta Seomra Spraoi?

well read on!

Seomra Spraoi autonomous social centre is hosting a training session open to everyone who would like to help out and get involved, in whatever way they can, with the day to day running of the social centre. The aim of these training is to skill share, and to make it accessible for people to help out in a way that is inclusive and gives confidence to all.

We aspire to have these skill shares as an ongoing thing , so as to have an ever growing pool of people working collectively.

This initial training will be for all those who are interested in working* on the ‘welcome rota’, and also working at events organised within the space

The welcoming rota role is generally for one or two hours a weeks (more or less if its suits). by developing this rota, the centre hopes to have more solid and regular opening hours through out the week, and the training will cover all the aspects of this role. its hope that there will always be two people doing this at any one time. essentially its about facilitating opening hours, welcoming and introducing new visitors to the workings and function of the social centre etc

For all those interested in working at events within the space, we will have a really comprehensive and exciting training which cover all aspects of teamwork at events within the space. we will cover positive space policy, working and communicating as a team, and other issues that arise.

This is a great opportunity to come along even if you are unsure of what you can commit to in the long term. Its about building and skill sharing and breaking down formal and informal hierarchies and changing the social and working relationships we’ve been culturally ingrained with.

* its for this reason that we have deliberately chosen the term work as opposed to volunteer, because we see this as positive productive activity both for ourselves as worker but also collectively as a project…

Hope to see ya there, oh and don’t forget the people’s kitchen is on from 2pm!