Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Seomra Spraoi collective invites you to a night of play, art, discussion, film, food, disco

Friday 23rd September

Seomra Spraoi is a collective which has come together to create a social centre space in Dublin. To find out more about the ideas behind the initiave see ‘Seomra Spraoi Initiative Aims to Create Radical Social Space’.

Map to St Nicholas' Hall
Map to St Nicholas’ Hall

We are organising a big event on Friday the 23rd of September in the St. Nicholas of Myra community centre on Francis Street. The event will include films, workshops, exhibitions, free food, discussions, music, radio transmissions… and lots more things of interest, we are emailing you to ask you to join us and to bring whatever you feel could contribute to the evening or the project. As part of the evening we will be having an exploration / discussion into the question that was recently asked at the Dun Laoighre Festival of World Cultures — can art help change the world?

So all in all it will be a fun filled and productive weekend of lively events, discussion, action, art, play. We hope you can make the journey up and join us, we should be able to sort you out with accomodation with our friends here in Dublin. Hopefully the Friday night will spark the wish to make the idea of a social centre a reality.

And do invite your friends and ask them to ask their friends.

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De Dublin social centre will be great
De Dublin social centre will be great
a play and garden day in your community garden
a play and garden day in your community garden