Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Saturday July 16th Public Meeting: Autonomous Social Centre for Dublin

St Nicholas of Myra Hall, Francis Street, Dublin, 2pm–3:30pm

Dublin is on the verge of having an autonomous social centre, set up and run by a collective called Seomra Spraoi, which formed last year. A public meeting this Saturday will update on progress and take on board people’s views on what the centre can be used for and how it will be run. It’s not too late for you as a individual or group to become part of the project (indeed it will never be too late to come on board, but now is when you are needed).

Seomra Spraoi is a collective seeking to establish an autonomous social centre in Dublin. Lots of individuals and groups are on board. There is a credit union account with money in it. Fundraisers have been happening. Folks have been meeting weekly for quite some time. For more background see the link below.

Now, keep the following under your hat: as things stand, we should be making a definite announcement on Saturday about a space in the north inner city which will be taken up in early August!

By the way, “public meeting” does not mean you coming along to listen to the heads who are involved already: it’s about everyone who comes along sitting around in a circle and making decisions together.

Nicholas of Myra Hall is on the corner of Francis Street and a small street called Carman’s Hall. Coming from Thomas Street, about two thirds the way along, you’ll see a grand piano hanging off a building on the left: turn right there and it’s on the right.

Map to St Nicholas' Hall
Map to St. Nicholas’ Hall
G8 report back
There will be a half hour break from 3:30pm to 4pm, followed by a report back meeting from the G8 summit in Scotland.
Bring some food to share (Seomra Spraoi will not be cooking this time).
School’s outside!
If the weather is still fine, we can have the meeting in the playground outside.

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