Seomra Spraoi

Dublin's Autonomous Social Centre

Seomra Spraoi: Social Centre Orgainising Meeting

There will be a meeting tomorrow evening, Thursday 9th of December 2004 in the Ecological and Environmental Non Governmental Organisations (EENGO) office, 10a Camden Street at 7pm. This office is located upstairs above a shop called Bounty Stores. Just buzz on the button that says EENGO.

The purpose of the meeting is to further discuss the possibilities of starting a social centre in Dublin city.

To date there have been a number of meetings and there was a video screening on the issue held last Friday, December the 3rd.

There have yet been no solid decisions made. All involved have agreed that a space is needed in the city for groups and individuals that wish to organise in an autonomous way. A number of excellent suggestions have been made as to what such a place could be used for eg. occassional cafe, library, meetings, art, printing, music, workshops…

There are lots of people interested in getting involved. There are lots of ideas and there is a desperate need for this type of centre. Now what is needed is that we organise, plan and realise the dream!!